Coindesk Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency Dash


Dash the own Cryptocurrency of coin desk has been finalized and will start trading on Tuesday around 16:00 hours. The organization has a total of eight Cryptocurrency of which the reviews ended last month. Among the eight Cryptocurrency that Coin desk has Dash is the first to be approved. With a reported market cap of over $800 million, according to Messari, Dash is the 16th largest Cryptocurrency by that metric.

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In an interview with the news organization, Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor said listing on Coin base Pro was an investigative process due to the standards Coin base holds. Recently, the privacy features of Dash have come under scrutiny from other exchanges and regulators. Ryan Taylor told the press conference that Dash the latest Cryptocurrency to be listed on the coin exchange platform implemented a privacy technique called Coin Join. The privacy technique has been implemented previously on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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He said that Dash is the very first which is why it probably has been called the privacy coin. Coin Join mixes transaction into a single transaction on the blockchain. The process makes it more difficult to identify where payments are directed going. Unlike other privacy coins protocols, including monero‘s bulletproofs or zcash‘s zk-SNARK implementation, Coin Join’s are not totally anonymous. He went onto said that it is important for regulators to have proper knowledge on the subject and it is also vital for the consumers as well. Coin Join has a high level of privacy which will be an added benefit for the subscribers and is also sophisticated he stated. He too went to state that there is no such legal difference between Bitcoin and Dash. Coin base pro has the largest crypto exchange by volume with over 30 million users.

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