6000+ Crypto ATMs Active at The Start Of 2020


At the start of the year (2019) there were a total of 4,101 ATMs around the world. The most Cryptocurrency ATM was in North America. This year the most number of ATMs is in South America which has surpassed and overtaken all the other continents when it came to installing Cryptocurrency ATMs. The number of ATMs increased from 4,101, which was at the beginning of the year to 6,387 as the year is about to start. This represents an increase of more than 50 % in just year. Coin ATM radar that monitors and keeps track of data about the number of such machines that are being installed throughout the world, said that it is a revolution that has just started to take firm strong foothold in the society. This can be properly viewed and seen in the website that shows the growth has been exponential since the very start, and only in December there were more than 300 new ATMs being installed. Among those 6,300 of the ATMs nearly 4,500 ATMs were found in North American territory which represents more than 75%.

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Another 19 %( 1,281 ATMs) are located in Europe while Asia has 132(2.1%) which were installed. In case of Latin America the number of Cryptocurrency ATM is now higher than 100, according to the records of Coin ATM radar. In that list stands out particularly Columbia which ranks 10th in the world. The country has a total of 57 of such ATMs installed. Panama has a total of 16 such ATMs followed by Dominican Republic which has 13 ATM installed, followed by Argentina which has 11 such ATM and Mexico which has 10 such machines in place. These are the countries in Latin America which have the highest number of such Cryptocurrency machines that are in place in the world.

Among the Spanish speaking countries Spain has the most number of ATMs being installed with a total of 80 ATM according to Coin ATM radar. This could mean that some of the devices in Spain were uninstalled or left out of operation as at the end of October which makes the figure stands at 84 machines that were installed. Defacto, Spain was the fifth country in the region with the most ATMs in the world and currently is in the sixth place. The countries that are ahead of it are the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland. The increase in ATMs has been seen a steady growth in past decade. This includes not only ATM’s of Bitcoin but also of the other Cryptocurrencies. Although between the periods of 2019 and 2020 the numbers of ATMs being installed have doubled but 2019 year saw the most number of ATMs being installed.

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The number of ATMs installed last year was 2,200. In the period preceding the figure barely exceeded 2,000. The growth in the number of ATMs of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency has increased exponentially and have sustained.  According to the source Coin ATM Radar in regards to Latin America the number of ATMs increased and when converted into percentage the growth rate was more than 50%. At the close of 2018 the region had almost 75 ATMs. During 2019, there was a significant increase in the global level and Spain saw the most growth with a rise of over 50%. Another such case is that of Venezuela where they set up the first two Bitcoin ATMs (BATM) and other devices for a total of 6 recorded on Coin ATM Radar. Among the other countries in the region we find Peru with 4, Ecuador and Chile with 3 each Costa Rica having 2, while Brazil and Guatemala having one piece each.

Source: Currency Market

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