Casual Cocaine Users Commit Organized Crime Consuming The Drug


A police chief has warned that a growing number of people are taking a line of cocaine as if it were a casual weekend drink thus fuelling a rise in serious organized crime. The National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for drugs, Deputy Chief Constable Jason Harwin said that people are using the drug cocaine as a recreational drug, generally once or twice a month or every few months. Its popularity has also grown a lot now days because the class A drug‘s purity has increased while the street prices remain static, meaning that the users are getting more powerful cocaine for less money.

Mr. Harwin has also warned that the growing acceptance of the drug, cocaine, as a recreational drug is having severe repercussions globally, that the users in Britain are oblivious to. Further, he added that somewhere along the cocaine chain (from production to transport and supply) serious and organized crime will be profiting, even if an individual uses the drug just once. And when it hits Britain, it can lead to forceful wars between rival gangs trying to get a foothold in the market.

As per the latest Home Office Drug Misuse survey, the use of cocaine across households earning more than £10,000 has risen but simultaneously has declined in households earning less than that. The percentage of 16 to 59-year-old people taking powdered cocaine had been on the rise over the past five years and to 2.6 percent in 2017-18.

While this has been the percentage recorded, most of the people said that they took the drug only once or twice a year having the number of frequent users declining. Simultaneously, the figures showed that the last month users’ in England has purchased more drugs on the dark web than any other country in the world excepting Finland.

Over one in four recreational drug users have admitted of ordering substances on the encrypted network in the past 12 months. It marks a 4 percent jump in the dark web purchases in comparison to 2018, according to the study looking at more than 120,000 substance-users worldwide. The most popular drugs that have been ordered on the darknet were MDMA, LSD, and cannabis, followed by amphetamines such as speed and ADHD medication Adder all.

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