CISO Kit: Breach Protection in Your Palm


ISOs and CIOs need to know better than anyone the security pulse of their organizations. On the other hand, ISO and CIOs cannot be flooded with every changing detail. Finding the right balance that enables them to clearly grasp the big picture required in making sound and big decisions in today’s world is a task many security executives find challenging. Threat actors and fraudsters do not acknowledge off-hours or weekends, introducing the need for constant vigilance. CIOs and CISOs are dependent on their team for knowledge and support often lack the immediate interaction with events in real-time.

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This situation is also far from favourable – after all, who if not the security executive should have the ability to be in-the-know and initiate action at the heart of things? Cynet introduced Cynet Dashboard application, which provides 24/7 having insight into the overall security posture, real-time visibility into newly detected threats, and the ability to take rapid action if the need arises. According to the co-founder of Cynet, Eyal Gruner every CIO and CISO faces sooner and later. The cofounder also confronted a security threat that is relevant in the modern-day organization there has to be constant surveillance on the internet as all the business works in the day are carried out it.

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To address this need, Cynet built the Cynet Dashboard App which continuously gives CISOs a view into the number of assets in their environment, as well as the no of alerts there are at any given moment, rated by severity (low, medium, high or critical) and type (host, file, user or network). Gruner explained “We’ve talked to hundreds of security stakeholders from organizations of all sizes, and it all converged into a common theme – they want to know what they have in their environment and what security issues are currently taking place.

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