Chinese Students: In the Radar of Fraudsters


Fraudsters are cheating Chinese students out of tens of thousands of pounds just days after they arrive at universities in the UK. At the start of August, a Nottingham University student had her laptop, containing identifying information and bank details, stolen at Heathrow airport. A week later one of the other Chinese students, who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution, received a phone call purporting to be from the Chinese embassy. As confirmed by her personally that she was told by a source hinting at Chinese police, that the Chinese embassy had been informed about her alleged involvement in money laundering case.

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The student was told she would need to return to China and was threatened with imprisonment unless she made a videotaped statement via QQ, a Chinese social media platform. The student transferred nearly £30,000 as “bail money” to the fraudsters, fearing she would be deported if she didn’t. It was only after talking to university staff that she realized it was a scam. Her parents reported to Chinese police in China. One of the Chinese students filed an FIR, and lodged a police complaint to UK police, although by that time it was too late to recover the money. The Chinese student posted in the Chinese social media platform claiming that the day was the darkest day in her life primarily wanting to spread a message to other students who might be the victim of such fraud. Another Source confirmed that the Chinese student told the Observer that she had received information regarding three other Chinese students falling victim to the same scam at Newcastle University.

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A Chinese embassy official felt heartbroken and depressed about the recent scams that have taken both the nations by storm and have warned the entire Chinese students through the entire platform especially the Chinese social media platform about the growing threat of these attacks.

Source: The Guardian

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