North Korea Exploits Young Children to Get Into Hacking


DragonEx: A reassertion paper states that the infamous North Korean hacking group Lazarus has exploited LinkedIn and Telegram texts and has made them as a part of a seizure that has seen it make up to the off trends with some 7 million dollars from Singapore-based exchange DragonEx in the month of March 2019. As per the local news reports, which had quoted the data from the reports of Chainalysis 2020 Crypto Crime Report, Lazarus cyber hackers have created what looks like to be fraudulent LinkedIn accounts, in a chase to disperse malware that senior managers at the exchange installed on their computers. The report also spells out that it contains screenshots of a LinkedIn profile for a user named Gabe Frank, and as it had been listed as the founder and the Chief technical Officer of a wallet company named WFC Proof.

According to the local news reports, Chainalysis had claimed that the hackers, showing up as Frank had sent anonymous officers at DragonEx messages through both LinkedIn and Telegram and eventually they have performed them to download the malware sent via the emails and the texts over there with the trust that it to be the free trial of an above-board Cryptocurrency dealing chatbot program. On its behalf, it appeared to be the program involving the malware that permitted the Lazarus hackers to get the private keys for the exchange, DragonEx wallets and the financial programs. The United Nations (UN)  have allegedly believed that North Korea in its most talented young IT talents to be a part of the gang of Cryptocurrency hackers and their leader thinks Pyongyang is using a fake Hong Kong blockchain firm as a bar for money laundering schemes going in for fraudulent purposes. As per South Korean media outlet known as Chosun, South Korean MP and a member of the parliament Cho Won-jin says he has researched the latest reports as made by the UN.


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According to the preparations in the report, the UN has shown that a special unit of the North Korean government has selected and the potential cyber agents, noticing the rich IT talents when they are still minor, and trained them to be with the primordial purpose of hacking the trading sites of Cryptocurrencies. In the month of August, the UN claimed that Pyongyang has confiscated some of the money worth USD 2 billion worth of Cryptocurrencies and other funds in an ongoing crypto campaign to kindle its arms and ammunitions programs. However, the nation has targeted at the back at these statements which state the report as misguided. The news outlet says the UN committee’s report on this whole scandal of the gang of hackers trying to hack the Cryptocurrency contains the basic information and details of how Pyongyang has conjured up a blockchain company in Hong Kong as a way of hedging the technicalities and the legalities of American sanctions.


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The company established in Hong Kong named Marine China, is considered to be one primary investor named Julian Kim, who also takes decisions according to the pseudonym of Tony Walker. He had appeared to have been getting into the endowments from financial establishments which are based in Singapore. The UN believes that Pyongyang is trying to conceal its criminal activities regarding the crypto firms after making Cryptocurrency raids, making at least 5,000 personal deals on the apps and moving funds between the site links in a handful nation in an attempt to conduct the investigators off the track following the wrong route. And the UN states that Pyongyang hackers have been in the favor of a spear phishing attack as a means of attack who also claim that the criminal states has liked the success with this techniques being used in the right place. In the past, gaining control of bank computers in Bangladesh in the year of 2016 has not been an easy task for them.

Due to their often-low security levels, these social media platforms have been hacked. In the report by the Chainalysis, they have created a fake account and fake homepage of ‘LinkedIn’ and ‘Telegram’.

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