Child Sexual Assault Plot: Michigan Man Pleads Guilty


The federal investigators had arrested a Monroe-based man, who is in his late 20s for allegedly conducting child sexual assault plot of a young girl with an undercover agent. The accused had been identified to be Tyler Cunningham who has been charged with travelling having intent to engage in the illegal child sexual assault. He has also been accused of the receipt and distribution of child pornography.

The law enforcement authorities have claimed that the accused had sent an undercover agent child pornographic materials over a social media platform. They had also claimed that the accused had also plotted with the disguised officer to meet and conduct child sexual assault on the undercover agent’s the supposedly eight-year-old daughter, as stated by a criminal complaint that has been filed in the U.S. District Court in Toledo.

The accused had been arrested by the Federal cops and he had made his initial appearance in the federal court. In the court, he has waived his right to a preliminary hearing. The case is about to reach a federal grand jury for considering the charges.

A detention hearing has been scheduled on Thursday before the Magistrate Judge named James Knepp, II.

How Did The Cops Nab The Accused?

A member from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Child Exploitation Task Force (FBICETF) in Toledo had utilized an instant messaging app named KiK for posting various online bulletin messages on the social media forums. These bulletin messages are mostly visited by the individuals who are interested in child sexual assault and incest, mentions the court records.

The bulletin messages were solely put out to attract the individuals having an interest in child sexual exploitation.

Later on, a user identified as Tyler Cunningham had answered the bulletin advertisement and started a conversation with the undercover officer on the 5th of October, as the criminal complaint states.

The accused is believed to have sent the undercover officer at the minimum two videos that display illegal sexual activities with the minors. He had also referenced various other explicit videos on the dark web that included content existing on the internet but is accessible via a specific software, authorizations or configurations.

The accused, Tyler Cunnigham had arranged a meeting with the officer along with the child at a hotel in Toledo, the complaint mentions. It was around 7.30 pm that the cops had nabbed him when he reached the pre-arranged location.

The cops have located a bottle of Benadryl, a six-pack of beer and a box of condoms.

In an interview conducted with the investigators, the accused had admitted of driving from Michigan to Ohio and carried child pornographic materials on his laptop, phone and also on a thumb drive.

Source: The Blade

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