Ex-Teacher Prisoned for Using Darknet to Download Child Pornography


Child Pornography: David Wright, a former teacher who used the dark web obtain vile images of minors, has been sentenced to prison. The Chesterfield native admitted to possession of Category A, B and C indecent images. Mr. Wright was handed a nine-month immediate custodial sentence and was also registered as a sex offender for ten years.

According to court documents, Mr. Wright used the dark web to create a sickening album of indecent images of children. After his arrest this year, the police seized his personal computer on February 14 and uncovered over, 8000 indecent images of minors with some as young as five.

The 61-year-old’s dark web search history revealed that he searched from child sex destination Cambodia and Madagascar child sex info and Madagascar holidays. He also searched for information on ‘dominant schoolgirl,’ ‘boy in drag,’ and ‘what is an indecent image.’

During Wright’s sentencing, Ms. Lucy Jones, prosecuting, stated that, Wrights computer which was seized had 3,864 images as well as 340 movies all falling within the Category A section, which was very serious. Wright’s computer also contained 2,894 pictures and 177 videos in category B and again 2,226 images and five movies falling within the category C.

Ms. Jones added that, Wright’s indecent photo haul was a mixture of boys and girls and that some of the children in the videos on his laptop “were not in distress and that was a concern in itself.”

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Investigators on the case also told the court that, Mr. Wright refused to give any comment during interrogation. After hours of an attempt to get him to talk, he only told the officers that, he didn’t own a passport and that he wasn’t planning on leaving the country. He, however, didn’t request for legal counsel.

David Wright had no previous convictions, and court documents showed that he was a school teacher for a couple of years. He then went into personal tuition but had stopped and was currently without any constant legal source of income before getting arrested.

Judge Mooncey, presiding over the case, describe Wright described Mr. Wright as a lonesome individual “living in isolation with health issues.” Judge Mooncey also expressed his displeasure about the images and the ages of the victims. He stated that the oldest of his victims was just 12 years old, and that was just evil. “This case crosses the custodial threshold,” Judge Mooncey added.

David Wright’s arrest and sentencing add to the long-standing list of vile child sex offenders who used the dark web as a way of satisfying their sick sexual problems.

Just last week, a 54-year-old man admitted to using various dark web marketplaces to obtain indecent images of minors and child pornography. Jeffrey Schaum of Burnett pleaded guilty to three counts of possession of child pornography.

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Schaum’s arrest came in March this year after his IP address was flagged by the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation for suspicious activities, after a tip from one of their special agents. Agents later learned that Schaum was using his personal computer to request child pornography files from different marketplaces on the dark web.

Schaum initially denied any knowledge of such a thing when questioned by officials. He stated that he only viewed adult pornography, and that was even occasionally. Schaum later confessed to using the dark web to obtain child pornography. He added that he downloaded the files but deleted them after he viewed it.

Pau Andrew Tally was also sentenced to 10 years in federal prison coupled with five years of supervised release after pleading guilty to using the dark web to view child pornography. According to the United States Attorney David C. Joseph, Talley was also to register as a sex offender, as part of his sentencing.

The 51-year-old from Coushatta pleaded guilty back in April after his IP addressed was also flagged for watching child pornography. Law enforcement agents later seized his computer, and after forensic analysis, the police uncovered over 2,300 images of child pornography. The police then matched the found images to that of the dark web marketplace he had visited.

Tally’s arrest was as a result of efforts by the U.S Department of Justice to tackle the growing number of online child abuse and exploitation. The nationwide initiative was led by the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices in collaboration with the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, “Project Safe Childhood”. Project Safe Childhood looks to bring together local, state, and federal resources to locate and hunt down criminals who hide behind the internet to sexually exploit children.

Source: Derby Telegraph

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