Child Indecent Materials: Miserable Oldham Web Designer Sentenced


A web designer named Anthony Ryan of 45 years of age and a married dad claimed that he had turned to child pornography after his mother’s demise. He has been spared jail. The Minshull Street Crown Court has heard that the defendant has been downloading a bunch of indecent materials of children from the dark web using an application.

As the police had raided his residence in Shaw, they discovered hundreds of indecent materials (videos and still images) of children who are being abused, as the court stated. While passing the sentencing of the accused, Judge Sophie McKone said:

“Many people lose their partner or relatives and don’t resort to looking at indecent images of children.”

“But I accept that at the time these offences were committed your mental health was not as good as it could be.”

The judge had informed him that against every image he possessed, there was a girl who has been ruthlessly exploited. The accused has admitted six counts of making indecent materials. He has been committed for sentence by the magistrates and had been given a suspended prison term for six months.

In this regard, the judge had said that the accused, at all circumstances, must complete his 35 days of rehabilitation activity along with the probation service and at also carry out the 200 hours of community service. Adding to this, he said that the accused must sign the sex offenders’ register for ten years. During the same time, sexual harm prevention order will run that will limit his access to the internet in future.

The prosecuting, Joshua Bowker had informed the cops that they had raided the residence of the defendant after they had received a tip-off and uncovered the indecent materials from his computer. On further examination of the defendant’s computer, the cops have found that Ryan was using a well-known dark web browser for searching those indecent materials.

The prosecuting had informed that the victims seen in the child pornography were in the age range of 12 to 16 years. The court has heard that the majority of the images (over 600) that the defendant possessed were at least severe category for such photos. But the prosecuting had said that there were 19 images which were rated in the categories A and B, that is considered as more serious bandings for child pornography.

The court has also heard that Bowker has no previous cautions or criminal convictions and has worked as a web designer.

The defending, Aqsa Hussain said that her client had a depression history and this had aggravated back in 2011 after the demise of his mother. This incident had forced him over the edge, and he started accessing the indecent materials when he was working from home all alone, the court stated.

Miss Hussain added: “He knows that this was the wrong thing to do and knew it at the time. But he was in such a dark place this was the only thing which supplied any comfort.

“He is every embarrassed by this…and wishes that he had never done it.”

She had informed the court that the majority of the indecent materials that the defendant downloaded, sometime before, had been in the least serious category and that he had utterly cooperated with the cops after he has been arrested. Furthermore, she informed that Ryan had developed a close bond with his grandson, and he was anxious to maintain it. He was competent at being rehabilitated within the community.

Source: The Oldham Times

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