Whether you are a newbie in the world of dark web markets or have been around the most popular dark web markets for quite some time, CharlieUK places their heartiest welcome to all. Having started their journey back in the year 2015, it has successfully completed its 4 years of being one of the best Darkweb markets out there. The CharlieUK dark web vendor shop has been the most visited dark web markets by people who want to have their hands on the genuine products through a very simple user interface. In this article, we will provide you with various information related to the CharlieUK dark web shop; from how to access it till the CharlieUK onion link required to access it.

We will obviously get started, but before that a little bit of disclaimer needs to be put out. The CharlieUK onion link to the market guide of the CharlieUK dark web vendor shop has only been furnished keeping in mind the need for the same for the non-technical people out there and thus this is solely meant for the non-technical or the information purposes. All the readers and the users are hereby requested to follow all the below-mentioned steps in order to stay protected.

Products Available under the CharlieUK Dark Web Vendor Shop

The CharlieUK dark web market sells a lot of stuffs in various quantities such as:

  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Haze
  • Heroin
  • MDMA

The products also get delivered the next day for the UK customers if their products are ordered before 2 pm on the working days.

Accessing the CharlieUK Onion Link

First things first! In order to access the onion link to the CharlieUK dark web vendor shop, you have to have the tor browser downloaded and installed in your system. You must also possess a premium version of the  VPN. Once everything is settled, you are required to

Open the Tor and in the address bar enter eeyovrly7charuku.onion.

You will be directed to the homepage where you will be provided with some information and the latest occurrences related to the vendor shop. The best part of this vendor shop is that you do not have to register or create any account in order to place an order for yourself.

Order shipping

As of now, there are no mirror links. You are all set to access the CharlieUK vendor shop!

Is CharlieUK a legit vendor?

CharlieUK has been in a dark web DRUGS vendor from couple of years you can find review here.

Is the shop online ?

you can check in dark web link table chart to know weather the shop is online or not.

How to order products on CharlieUK Dark Web Market ?

Ordering products on the CharlieUK dark web vendor shop is pretty easy. Below are the steps:
Step 1)You need to check the product you want and note the price. You can also check the amount in your fiat currency via the currency convertor provided there.
Step 2) Write an email on their provided email address and acquire their PGP key. Also, make sure to send in your address in the right format and the order you want to place.
Step 3) The admin of the website will get back to you via an email confirming their Bitcoin address.
Step 4)Complete the payment for your order and then inform them of the transaction.
Step 5)Wait for the confirmation of the shipping and further information.



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