Twitter’s Tweet: The CEO Has Been Hacked Via SMS


 Twitter today decided to temporarily disable the SMS feature, called Tweeting via SMS,’ after it was hacked by the hacking group to compromise Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey last week and sent a series of offensive tweets to Dorsey’s followers on the social media platform. Dorsey’s Twitter account last week was hacked when a hacker group calling itself “Chuckling Squad” used a mobile phone number associated with the CEO account and abused the Tweeting via SMS feature to post racist messages and bomb threats from it via SMS. Sim swapping a technique known as the process of replicating phone numbers where the attackers engineer a plan to the particular telecom company in sending the details of the subscribers they are interested in scamming to their sim card. Once they social engineered an AT&T employee and gained access to Dorsey’s phone number, the Chuckling Squad hackers used the ‘Tweeting via SMS’ feature to post tweets under his username, even without actually gaining his details of the social account.

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Twitter has a feature that gives its users the ability to post a tweet from their account just by sending an SMS message to the company number from their registered mobile number associated with their Twitter account. This feature was a most popular way to use Twitter in its early days when most people relied on phones with no internet connection, especially in countries during times of revolution and protest when government blocks all Internet connectivity. As no authentication needs to be done besides having phone numbers this features of Tweeting via SMS have been misused several times in the past. Twitter CEO is not the only to fall victim to such threats of identity theft famous actors of Hollywood like Chloe Grace Moretz have also been in the list.

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Source: The Hacker News

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