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Dark Web Drug Purchase: Investigations Ongoing On Accused Bavarian Man

The dark web drug purchase has been on the rise at par with child pornography or child sexual abuse. The darknet markets are increasing as time is advancing, and thus there are cases where...

Empire Market: “NeverPressedRX” Confessed Firebombing & Drug Trafficking Plot

A Maryland man has been admitted running the “NeverPressedRX” vendor account on the Empire Market and conducting conspiracy to firebomb a pharmacy in Nebraska. The accused named William Burgamy, 32 years old, of Hanover, Maryland,...

Canada: Coronavirus Pandemic Induces Online Child Sexual Exploitation Rise

Reports of the online sexual exploitation of Canadian children and the cases of child pornography have shot up during the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic since the abusers take complete advantage of the fact that...

Postal Police: Horrors Chat Discovery With Paedophilic Videos & Beheadings

The discovery of the “horrors chat” has shifted the idea of paedophilia to a new level after the postal police of Venice have found out individual media files. The media files unearthed lately consisted...

Dark Web Largest Drugs Stash: UK Cops Finds in Dealer’s Residence

A drug trafficking individual has been caught with the most massive amounts of Class A drugs LSD, MDMA, Crystal Meth and Cannabis that the cops have ever uncovered till date. The accused has been...

Czech Police Seizes Tor-Based Social Networking Site Resembling Facebook

The Czech law enforcement agency has recently seized a so-called Tor-based social networking website named “Atlayo” as a part of a dark web investigation involving drug traffickers in Denmark. A seizure banner has been...

Online Child Sexual Abuse: Law Enforcement Agencies Face Huge Investigation in Italy

Online Child Sexual Abuse: A successful investigation meant to curb online child sexual abuse organized by the Italian State Police (Polizia di Stato) of Turin and actively supported by Europol, has resulted in 50...

Operation Skillet: Dark Web Drug Smuggler Avoids Jail Following Drug Purchase

Operation Skillet: One of the leaders of an underground drug-smuggling ring operational on the dark web has narrowly avoided a jail sentence. The accused named Timothy Robert Fearn, aged 33 years, has imported packages...

Italy & Romania Criminal Profits: Cyber Fraud Ring Creating €20M Annually Busted

An organised criminal group (cyber fraud ring) involved in the cybercrime, money laundering and financial fraud has been dismantled on the 7th of July, 2020 by the Romanian National Police (Poliția Română) and the...

South Korean Court Dismisses U.S. Extradition Appeal For Paedophile Network Operator

A South Korean court has declined an extradition appeal made by the U.S. law enforcement agencies for a convicted man. The man was convicted of running a dark web pornographic website based on South...