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Computer Geek Turned Dark Web Drug Dealer Funding Gambling Jones Prisoned

Dark Web Drug Dealer: A computer geek who had become a significant drug dealer of the dark web in the bid to fund his addiction to gambling on the stock market has finally been...

Dark Web Child Abuse: Auckland Man Pleads Guilty

A New Zealand man hailing from Auckland has admitted on an attempt to purchase a child from the dark web. The accused called himself “Kiwipedo” on the dark web and has admitted that he...

Canadian Dark Web Fentanyl Vendor Sentenced To Eleven Years In Jail

A Canadian dark web fentanyl vendor has been arrested and sentenced to eleven years (132 months) of imprisonment. The accused has been pleaded guilty of selling fentanyl on the darknet markets, AlphaBay and Dream. The...

Dark Web Drugs Resale: Dealer Receives Prison Sentence

The United States District Court Judge named CJ Williams has sentenced an Iowa man to over six years of imprisonment for dark web drugs resale that was purchased on the dark web. The accused...

I-CAN Global Anti- Mafia Operation: Fugitives Arrested

The coordination via the INTERPOL Cooperation against the “‘Ndrangheta (I-CAN) project” which is an INTERPOL and Italian initiative, has experienced that the law enforcement has grabbed six fugitives in places like Argentina, Albania and...

Bitcoin ATMs: Californian Man Laundered Nearly Twenty Five Million Dollars

A man from the Orange County has been admitted of laundering up to 25 Million Dollars via a network of the unlicensed Bitcoin ATMs and also in-person exchanges. The accused has been identified to...

“Rasputin” Dark Web Drug Vendor Investigation Leads To Eight Arrests in Austria

The Austrian authorities have arrested eight people owing to an investigation into a bountiful dark web drug vendor. As per an announcement from the Federal Criminal Police Office, the investigation began back in 2019....

Euro Counterfeiting: Possibly Largest Organized Crime Network Dismantled

The Italian law enforcement agency, along with Belgium and France, has successfully dismantled an organised criminal network that involved euro counterfeiting. Europol supported the operation. The action day was on the 15th of July, 2020....

Dream Market Vendor “Cali Cartel”: Confesses Drug Trafficking Conspiracy

Cali Cartel Arrest: A woman from Woodland Hills has admitted selling drugs through the vendor accounts “Cali Cartel” on various dark web marketplaces that include Nightmare Market and Dream Market. Apart from the stated...

Dark Web Livestream Murder: Teen Duo Arrested Post Bitcoin Payment

Two seventeen years old Italian teenagers have been arrested for paying Bitcoin (BTC) to watch the brutality where the children are being sexually abused, tortured, harassed and murdered in dark web livestream. A local media,...