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Feds Dismantled InfinityBlack Hacking Group

The Polish and Swiss law enforcement agencies have dismantled a hacking group, InfinityBlack. Both agencies have been supported by Europol and Eurojust. From the reports, it has been revealed that the...

Ukrainian Blackout Malware Sale on The Dark Web

Sophisticated backdoor malware techniques and tools employed by state owned attackers and hackers to cripple down the Ukrainian power stations within the year 2015 are now being deployed more widely with...

List Of Top Global Notorious Hacker Groups In Operation

The world has seen the emergence of prolific threat actors such as the Anonymous and many more. Anonymous is a very notorious Hacker Group with many recorded attacks against mainstream organizations...

Monero Hacker Gang Is Back With a Bang

According to a report as published by the Japanese cybersecurity firm called Trend Micro, the Monero cryptojacking hacker group called as Outlaw has came back and is aiming for businesses within the US and Europe....

US Healthcare Organizations Incurred Over $150 Million Cost on Ransomware Attacks

The past few years have seen cyber-attackers launching sophisticated malware on healthcare organizations causing so much damages. Using various ransomware, threat actors encrypt the system or the device of the various...

How Hackers Steal Sensitive Information From Phones Using USB Port Through Juice Jacking

A very dangerous trick that has actually been around for a while is actively being used by hackers to steal personal information on targets' phones. The method is called Juice Jacking...

Emotet Malware Hacks Nearby Wi-Fi to Identify New Victims

Emotet malware, a very potent malware has been discovered to be used in a new campaign expected to affect a lot of people. It hacks into nearby Wi-Fi networks to infect...

KiwiSaver Provider Hits by Data Breach Affecting Sensitive Information

Generate, the 10th largest KiwiSaver provider as claimed was hit by a data breach in December 2019 affecting sensitive information of members. Generate did not comment on the extent of the data breach,...

Hackers Threatened Businesses with Hacktools & Ransomware in 2019

According to a report, there was a drastic move from the enterprise-focused threat to the diversification of sophisticated hacking and stealth technique whiles making use of hacktools. The research took into...

Monero Stealer “Outlaw Hacker Group” Reemerges After Long Silence

A cybersecurity firm Trend Micro has rediscovered the comeback of Outlaw Hacker Group after their previous analysis in June 2019. According to a report, this hacker group was earlier discovered to...

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