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Windows Maze: Criminals Use Ransomware To Attack Indian Highways Authority

The cybercriminals have utilized the Maze Ransomware that can be utilized to attack the Windows systems in the bid to hit the Indian public sector body’s infrastructure, The National Highways Authority...

Dave: Nearly 7.5 Million User Data of Financial Service Spotted On Dark Web

Dave Inc., which is a financial service provider or a mobile banking company, has recently reported that its customers’ data of nearly 7.5 million users have been found on the dark...

BlackBaud Hack: Global Attack Compromise Aberystwyth University Data

Blackbaud Hack: A Welsh University has confirmed that the Aberystwyth's old college on the seafront was built back in the 1860s and was one of the over 20 institutions of US,...

Company Denies Alleged Sale of Nearly Three Lakhs Instacart Accounts on Dark Web

The Dark Web is a vast concept, and it seems to hold hundreds of thousands of data from Instacart customers. Many of these are even personal data as a report indicates...

Cryptocurrency Scam: High Profile Twitter Accounts of Celebs Got Hacked

Twitter Accounts that belong to famous celebs such as Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Apple, including several other high-profile accounts, were compromised on Wednesday. Twitter said that it believes...

U.S. Authorities Reveal Identity of An Anonymous Crypto Hacker

The U.S. Department of Justice, or commonly known as DoJ, has indicted Andrey Turchin, known by the pseudonym "fxmsp," associated with various federal crimes. The alleged, Turchin has founded a cybercrime group that...

New Dark Web Audit Report: Fifteen Billion Logins Unveiled From One Lakh Breaches

Last Update: 21st Aug 2020 A latest Dark Web Audit Report by The Digital Shadows Photon Research Team has unveiled the real extent of the stolen login credentials that...

LimeRoad: Online Marketplace’s User Data Leaked, Firm Repudiates Allegations

LimeRoad User Data Leaked: Based on a report by the U.S. cybersecurity firm Cyble, online fashion marketplace, namely LimeRoad’s user data has been posted on the dark web. The customer records...

Your YouTube Accounts Probably Be Next Easy & Delicious Target

Stolen accounts have always drawn the attention of the cybercriminals and are the most prominent commodity in the darknet marketplaces. The cybercriminals can very easily purchase the stolen accounts to use...

Truecaller Sells 4.75 Cr Indian’s Data on the Darknet Markets

An online intelligence firm named Cyble has flagged a criminal to sell Truecaller records of 4.75 Cr Indians on the Darknet Markets. The Truecaller data was sold on the dark web...

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