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Fraud segment deals with the several fraudulent occurrences that take place in the dark web. It brings in the latest fraud cases through news and the top dark web fraud archives focussing on to introduce the readers with various types of fraud activities that they may experience.


South Africa: Criminals Penetrating Into Rapid-Paced Mobile Money Industry

Mobile Money industry has garnered immense popularity these days and is counted as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the market. Along with being the rapid-paced industry, it has also been...

Lockdown For COVID-19 Pandemic Helps Cyber Frauds Prosper Enormously

The Coronavirus pandemic that is still in force is pushing the physical world to go digital that makes a fantastic treat for the cyber criminals causing cyber frauds. Several people are...

Singapore Armed Forces: Darknet Stolen Credit Cards, Captain Jailed

Yang Jiafeng, a captain with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has been jailed for five months after buying several stolen credit card details on the dark web. The 32-year-old was sentenced...

Providence Woman Got 2-Year Prison Sentence For Multi-State Fraud

According to the office of U.S Attorney Aaron Weisman’s office, a woman from Providence, Rhode Island, has been sentenced to two years and a day in prison after admitting to playing...

PSCU Has Blocked the Necessary Scam Attempts

PSCU , the nation’s premier payments depository financial institution service organization (CUSO), today reported that it stopped quite near $277 million in potential fraud for its Owner credit unions and their members in 2019 by...

UK’s National Lottery Website Taken Down By “Sentry MBA”

United Kingdom National Lottery website website has been hijacked and with it the all the customers data are hijacked and now are in the danger of the getting lost. A person...

Romanian Fraudster Sentenced To Prison For Darknet Defraud Operation

A Romanian fraudster, who was part of a dark web group of hackers and fraudsters who defrauded residents of Ohio, has been sentenced to prison. Tiberiu Danet, the culprit, was handed...

Senior Adults Comparatively Succumb to Fraud at Higher Rates

Whether it’s decking the hall, cooking the feast, celebrating with friends, shopping for gifts or just celebrating the season, holidays are a busy time of the year. Do not let threat...

Darknet Credit Card Fraud Scheme: Bridgeport Woman Prisoned

Latrice Colvin, a 32-year-old woman from Bridgeport, Connecticut has been handed a 30-days prison sentence after pleading guilty to running a dark web credit card fraud. Earlier this year, Colvin, pleaded guilty...

New Account Frauds Increased Multifold In 2019

With the ever-increasing rate of crimes of all sorts and categories from all over the world, cybercrimes are no new addition to the stack. As per reports, the new account frauds...

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