Greater Privacy to the BCH Ecosystem Brought by Cashshuffle Launch


On 27th of March, the development squad of the privacy-centric protocol Cashshuffle has announced its official launch of the platform that uses the Electron Cash Wallet. The latest Electron Cash Version 4.0 with Cashshuffle can be used by all who are willing to and the implementation will also be added to the wallet and Badger client no time sooner. The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters were very much waiting for such an inclusion and they rejoiced when the lead developer of the Electron Cash (EC) named Jonald Fyookball announced the official release of the Cashshuffle that implemented the Electron Cash Version of 4.0. The Cashshuffle version is made available for the users of Windows, MAC and Linux and is disabled by default for better privacy.

The development team has even made the project code and process audited by a firm named after Kudelski Security. The security researchers have studied the Cashshuffle’s implementation in details along with the error handling, interaction with the Blockchain and lot more. The firm also looked into the general code safety and susceptibility to the known vulnerabilities, bad coding practices and the presence of the leakage of secrets or other sensitive data through the memory mismanagement.

The latest EC version 4.0 with the extension Cashshuffle was also tested to gain an insight into the method of shuffling operations. The users who are waiting to try out the new launch can head to the official website of the Electron Cash and download the latest EC 4.0 release for the operating system the user is currently on. At the end of the download, the installation starts that last for only a minute and then the users will be directed to a page asking to create a wallet or import one. At the end, the default wallet will be opened that will enable the user to send, receive and store BCH like the other wallets.


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