Cashgames from to Fetch You $5K of BCH!

1455’s new website for gaming is filled up to the brim with the casino style games that will allow you to win whopping $5K of Bitcoin cash (BCH). In the third last week of March 2019, one such player did the same thing carving out $5,000 of the BCH from a progressive slot. All the games that feature on the Bitcoincom’s Cashgames portal are fair to play with having a typical return of 99% or greater. All of this takes just a little of the BCH to participate. Bitcoin and betting are two sides of a coin having the earliest used cases for the digital currency that comprises simple high-low gambling games like the Satoshi Dice.

There has been solid evidence that Satoshi intended to incorporate a virtual poker game in to the first code of Bitcoin. The’s owner says that they have maintained this tradition by enabling the people to participate in the games of chance where the outcome can be verified. On18th of March 2019, one of the lucky anonymous players of the Cashgames progressive slots won 33 BCH that is worth more than $5,000.

The Cashgames feature a wide range of the casino favourites of the people like the video poker, roulette, blackjack, keno and craps. There are also dice and slots where the dice is similar to Satoshi dice that were once popular among the early Bitcoiners. Also, there is an alternative BTC platform of the same known as the Bitcoin Games. The residents of a couple of country are not permitted to play for the real BCH and the Cashgames is accessible in most of the countries where gambling is licit. Moreover, if a user plays video poker and becomes lucky at the same time, he or she might be able to scoop out over 4,000 BCH.


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