Canadian Woman Allegedly Arrested On Attempt To Purchase Toxin From The Dark Web


A Winnipeg woman has been arrested and sentenced to six years of jail for attempting to purchase a toxin in North Dakota. As per the court records, the 37-year-old accused named, Sijie Liu has pleaded guilty in the U.S. District Court to a single count of “Attempt To Acquire a Chemical Weapon”. The judgment that has been dated 22nd June, revealed two more charges against her that were dismissed.

The court documents state that between 15th February 2019 and 5th March 2019, Sijie Liu had contacted an undercover FBI employee on the eminent Dark Web. The court records reveal – the defendant had communicated that she wanted to acquire a toxin (chemical weapon) along with the protective types of equipment in the bid to handle the chemical safely. Around 12th February 2019, the plea agreement states that she had placed an order for 10 ml of the toxin, along with an apron, a pair of gloves and a mask. The shipment was addressed in Pembina of North Dakota. However, the court documents did not specify the name of the toxin ordered or the intention behind its purchase.

On 5th March 2019, an affidavit was issued by FBI Special Agent named Steven Noldin that unveiled the fact that Liu had driven a white coloured Subaru Forester with a Manitoba plate through the Pembina border crossing. Noldin says that she had presented a Nexus ID card and told a Pembina border guard that she is off for shopping in Grand Forks for the day. She also stated that she intended to return on the same day. The affidavit also says that the law enforcement had observed the Subaru had arrived at a parcel pickup facility in Pembina. It said, as per the officers in civil uniform, Liu had used a fake name which was Julie Chen. The affidavit says she had picked up six packages for Julie Chen and one for a friend named “Sijie Liu”.

The special agent says that Sijie Liu was arrested upon her exit bearing a small flatbed that has been loaded with the packages and transported to the Homeland Security. Noldin said that before she was questioned, she had stated to the officers that she knows that she was wrong. The affidavit also stated later that she was overheard to say that she has broken the law and was then arrested while contacting someone who was identified as her husband.

Currently, Sijie Liu is under custody in the Cass County jail of Fargo, but the court record reveals that she will be held there until she can be transferred to Canada in order to serve her sentence.

Source: CTV News

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