Dark Web Vendor Canadasunshine Guilty of Drug Charges


A Canada resident of Calgary was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment in US owing to operating a darknet vendor account named “Canadasunshine” after being pleaded guilty of various drug charges. The suspect with the darknet vendor account name “Canadasunshine” has been on the tracking list of the law enforcement since 2016 and finally he was arrested by the law enforcement on January in the year 2019. He was arrested against the charges of exporting fentanyl across the border. The drugs were camouflaged in kid’s toys and pez-like candies.

The arrested person is not the only person or rather the only Canadian person who has been arrested and taken in front of the law in the US for selling drugs on the darknet. Not only are the fentanyls, opioid supplies in the border of Canada also taking place in full force.

From the sources it has been found out that the brain behind “Canadasunshine” is a 39 year old Christopher Bantli. After he was arrested, his plea was held on 13th of February in a court in Washington DC. As per the investigators, the arrested personnel used to run his business from his apartment in Calgary in Canada. With the comfort in his residence, he carried out all the sales and shipments of the narcotics across the Canadian border. He was one of the vendors on the Alphabay that used to be one of the largest and the most prominent darknet marketplaces until it was shut down completely in the year 2017. And for the promotion of his goods, he used a non-encrypted website called canadasunshinemart.com. Various advertisements were spotted on the website of which one of them stated that the famous Xanax candies in the world is sold for $1.20 per milligram. This is one of the major successful operation carried out by the Canadian law enforcement agency and is a step forward to erdicating the drug menace.


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