Singaporean Who Hired a Hitman on Dark Web Prisoned For Five Years


Camorra Hitmen: A Singapore man who turned to the dark web for a hitman service on the boyfriend of his ex-lover is heading to jail for five years. Allen Hui Kim Seng, the jilted lover, was handed a five-year jail sentence after he admitted of all charges labelled against him. Mr. Seng, in July, pleaded guilty to one count of intentionally abetting to kill Mr. Tan Han Shen, 30, the boyfriend oh his ex-lover.

The 47-year-old, began seeing her ex-lover Ms. Ng Woan Man, back in April 2016, while he was still married. After a series of lies about how he was going to divorce his wife proved futile, his 30-year-old mistress decided to call it quits in February last year. Mr. Seng then made numerous attempts to save the affair but wasn’t successful.

His old mistress started seeing Mr. Tan, his intended target, about two months ago, and when Mr. Seng caught a whiff on that, he turned to the dark web to have Mr. Tan killed.

Mr. Seng went to the dark web and found a marketplace, “Camorra Hitmen,” and requested their services. According to court documents, Mr. Seng initially asked for Mr. Tan’s right hand to be cut off, after he sent them details of his ex-lover.  Mr. Seng wasn’t delighted with that order as he later told them to take care of Mr. Tan.

Mr. Seng made was to make the full payment after the job was done, of which he agreed to but had to make a down payment in bitcoin into his account at the dark web marketplace “Camorra Hitmen” as a sign of surety.

Mr. Seng bought 0.03 bitcoin with a dollar value of 600 at a crypto trading website and deposited it to set his plan in motion.

It seems Mr. Seng was at war with his thoughts as he later requested for acid to be poured on Mr. Tan’s face while transferring over $2,500 worth of bitcoin into his account on the dark web marketplace.

Three days later, he came back with another request to have the murder staged as a car accident. Mr. Seng again requested that the hitman leave Mr. Tan crippled for life and wired another $3,200 worth of bitcoins into his account on the dark web marketplace. After a couple of days, he came back to the dark web site and stated that he would settle for the staged car accident.

The two parties finally agreed on the details and arranged the murder, which was to happen on May 22 last year, between 7 to 8 pm. Mr. Seng contacted them a day later and asked if they could move up the murder and even deposited another $1,375 worth of bitcoins into his account, as a sign of how badly he wanted it.

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Unfortunately for Mr. Seng, a dark web hunter Chris Monteiro, who scorches the dark web of criminals chanced upon the conversation between him and the hitman marketplace. Mr. Monteiro then contacted a major news outlet in the US and gave away detailed info about the plan.

The news outlet then contacted the Singapore Embassy in Washington and presented them with the evidence they had acquired about the hit on one of its nationals. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also alerted the Singapore Police Force and officers. Mr. Seng’s arrest came five days afterwards.

During his sentencing, District Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan stated that Mr. Seng’s actions were deliberate and coldblooded. “The accused had engaged hitmen from the Dark Web and took a series of calculated steps to achieve his goal which shows his high level of sophistication and planning and deliberation,” Judge Saruwan stated.

He added that Mr. Seng believed he had hired a hitman to finish his detailed plan of killing his love rival, without any traces or run-in with law enforcement.

Lee Teck Leng, Seng’s defence attorney, however, argued that his client was exploring the dark web and had no intentions to kill anyone. He added that the alleged dark web marketplace “Camorra Hitmen,” which his client was said to have contacted was even a scam, and there was no way that they could carry an attack on anyone.

He even cited an example as to when a British news outlet labelled the dark web marketplace a scam and even gave its heading which read “Hire-a-hitman website is a scam, and its owner has made a killing.” Teck Leng also demanded the sentence be reduced to 2 and a half years based on his findings.

Judge Saruwan, however, rebuffed his claims and stated that the website being a scam was not “a mitigation factor” as his client had the intentions of killing someone.

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