California Nurse Apprehended Against Allegedly Running Darknet Opioid Pharmacy


A nurse who is the resident of Rancho Cordova in California has been seized and suspected that she was scheming to distribute the controlled substances in the U.S via the dark web. The federal officials stated that they detained the suspect following suspicious activities that she was operating an online pharmacy on a reputed platform on the AlphaBay Market (Darknet Opioid) on the dark web to sell more than 20,000 opioid prescription pills. The accused was a nurse aged 46 years of age and goes by the name Carrie Alaine Markis who could face the drug distribution and conspiracy charges. As of now, the law enforcement officers have held the accused at the Sacramento County main jail without a bail and she has been scheduled to appear before the court.

As per the prosecutors, Carrie has earned tens of thousands of dollars by illegally trading the opioid prescription pills and the narcotics through the now-defunct dark web marketplaces, AlphaBay and additionally to the three of the other marketplaces on the dark web. According to the criminal complaint, Carrie holds a master degree in nursing science and healthcare leadership. The court papers also stated that the accused was an alumnus of the University of California in Davis. The court papers also prove that the accused is listed as “inactive” without any justification.

The accused has been alleged to running an online pharmacy under the name “Farmacy41” on the various dark web platforms that includes AlphaBay. The information was established by the federal investigators after the review of the AlphaBay Market records following the seizure of the website in 2017. The evidence uncovered the fact that Carrie allegedly began her darknet opioid drug business back in the year 2013. It is the same year where her online handle was active on the Pandora Market. The 41 succeeding Farmacy is her age.



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