What You Should Make Sure When Buying From Dark Web


Buying from dark web has been one of the central questions asked about operating the darknet as people around the world mostly use it to purchase illegal products. Since the darknet is deemed a place under the rock, people are sometimes nervous about conducting something unusual. This brings us to this article, where we carefully jotted down some essential points that will make the buying procedure of illegal stuff or lurking on the darknet a worthwhile experience.

But, before we start, we would like to get you into a brief insight into the dark web and the dark web marketplace. This will provide a fair idea of the spectrum, making it easier for you to analyze the parameters discussed later in a better way.

What Are Sold In The Dark Web Markets?

The dark web is a selectively concealed section of the internet that primarily deals with the trade of illegal goods and services under the cloak of anonymity. You would require an onion router or Tor browser to access the dark web websites or the dark web links. Additionally, you would need a premium VPN to make sure you are anonymous. When you attempt to buy from the darknet, the listings that you will always come across in the dark web marketplaces will include – drugs, counterfeit currency, counterfeit documents, digital goods, carded details, financial details, weapons, guides and more. Some of the websites do offer specific services such as hackers-for-hire, hire-a-hitman, cryptocurrency mixing services, Bitcoin casinos and related.

Parameters To Consider When Buying From Dark Web

Have you geared up to buy from the dark web? Great idea indeed! You need to halt for a moment and check the parameters that must be considered before buying from dark web

TOR Browser & VPN

Since you will be lurking around the darknet buying from dark web markets, it is essential that you download an onion router or TOR browser. You can download the compatible version of the browser from the Tor Project. The dark web websites remain unindexed, and thus, you would require the Tor browser to access the dark web sites

To remain anonymous and conceal your IP address and location, you need to use a premium VPN. Why premium one? Well, there are loads of free VPN available online. While people are mostly inclined towards free VPN as it seems to save a lot of money, they can get your identity compromised and sold to third parties. Thus, it is best to invest some bucks in the premium VPN that is safe to use.


When you are buying on dark web or opt to purchase on the darknet, identity plays a significant role. The VPN hides your IP address that otherwise could be used to trace your location. But what if you reveal your true identity on the darknet? It will be harmful. Thus, you need to be extra cautious and never reveal your true identity. Instead, use pseudonyms, disposable emails and addresses that do not belong to you, but you can have access to whenever and wherever required. Never upload your original image anywhere as a profile photo or set a password that reveals your true identity or personal information.

Overexposure Of Information

Most individuals’ human nature is to overexpose their information when they create a rapport with anyone, online or offline. Not judging the people on the other end and simply putting out unnecessary data can be dangerous. You need to always keep a check on what information you are letting out and to whom. You must analyze whether the information you have spoken about could lead you to problems. In fact, it is best to analyze before you expose specific details on the dark web.

Vendors, Scammers & Other Individuals

With the fast-paced technology, scammers and fraudsters are getting more scope to defraud people when they are buying from dark web. Another thing that facilitates the rise and flourishing of malevolent individuals like the scammers and fraudsters is the anonymity and privacy of both the dark web and the onion router. This makes the situation of identifying individuals with their intentions quite challenging.

A lot of fraudsters keep lurking on the various dark web markets where they pose as vendors and conduct trade. They would either not send the products, send defective ones, or even flee with your money in the worst cases. Apart from them, the law enforcement officials also move about in the darknet in a bid to honeypot the criminals. You might not know whether you are chatting with any law enforcement official and getting yourself into trouble.

Products & Listings

When you are purchasing a product off the darknet, you need to make sure that you are dealing with the right darknet vendor and the right products. Selling off counterfeit products, especially drugs and credit card details, with an expired balance, is quite common on the dark web. If there is a scope to test your products beforehand, it is best that you do it to avoid shopping fraud on the dark web. If you do not have a scope of that, it is recommended that you order products in lesser quantities before you are sure of what you are getting. 

Additionally, phishing techniques have become ultra-modern. The phishers use websites that resemble the original one but bear a thin line of difference. The users often overlook this slight difference, and they complete payment in cryptocurrency, losing their Bitcoin (BTC) eventually. You need to keep your eyes open when you land on a website. Cross-check with the authentic link so that you can avoid mishaps. 


When you are placing an order on any dark web platform, you need to provide a delivery address or shipping address like in all e-commerce sites on the clear web. Since this is not the usual surface web or Clearnet, you have to be thoughtful of what delivery address to offer. Some people choose to provide an address that is nearby their location from where they can collect the products. Some opt for the dead drop while getting their illegal stuff, especially drugs. Thus, the vendors and the buyers need to know how dead drop works. 

These are the crucial parameters that any darknet user or buyer must follow in order to stay safe on the darknet. Additionally, they have to follow the basic safeguarding methods such as closing all running background apps, sealing the camera of the system with black tape, turning of audio or microphone, restrict from wire transfers and PayPal payments, closing all the apps and softwares before turning off the VPN when they are done with accessing the dark web or the darknet markets.

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