Analysis: Should Businesses Consider Using Dark Web as a Research Tool?


There is almost no doubt that the dark web is perceived by the common people who rarely or never use the dark web as the dark underbelly of the internet. Although, many of them do not even realize that the businesses of varied masses uses it on a regular basis to grab advantage as a resource. The vast troves of the data that are available on the dark web offer the businesses with an opportunity for industry of both sorts, private and public to use it as a tool for market research, cybercrime investigations, threat intelligence and several other potential uses.

Considering the market research, there are so many businesses that are in search for a good quantity of information for the market research purposes. This includes the start-ups and those companies that have that a certain policy holds enough power than they have initially realized that would help them in their high market share and revenue. The cybersecurity and the threat intelligence firms utilize the dark web for the purpose of investigatory tasks on a daily basis. As for instance, a business intelligence firm named Flashpoint accesses the dark web forums to gather information on the cybercrime operations. Even the U.S. government hired this particular business firm to work for them. Therefore, those clients who are willing to gather information about someone in a legal method through a private investigator might use the dark web research tool as well.

The dark web provides a large base of retailers’ opportunity to monitor the dark web for the information on credit card that is on sale which they can use to identify the potential fraud issues that could save the company’s time and money in the long run. Finally, this can be concluded that it is not necessary to use the dark web to succeed but the question remains whether it should be used as a tool and if yes then how.


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