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Bug Bounty Runs Limelight in Dark Web Markets

Bug bounty programs had been a great importance to the reputed agencies, multibillion dollar companies and even to the Government institutions for many years.

Hackers had always been a big part in the life of big companies, industries or institutions for keeping a track in their security systems before their confidential reports gets exposed or leaked out. Darknet markets had just begun to taste the benefit of the bounty programs.

The popular darknet marketplace, Hansa has come forward with a security plan by launching a bug bounty this month. Hansa also promises to rewards those who come with most severity bugs and is completely thorough with the report that was submitted.

The objective of bug bounty is to motivate enough the elite hackers so they get to disclose all the weakness present in the security systems.

The bug bounty industry has spread across the world and has developed into a multibillion-dollar trade which expanded to meet the darknet markets.

Some of the established bug bounty hunters have created quite a name for themselves in the platforms like Bugcrowd and HackerOne. Apart from these, there are plenty of hackers found in the companies who devote their time and energy to improve and update their cyber security.

Darknet market has always seen in the negative eye with a lot of criticisms for their shoddy security measures. It is quite evident in the arrest and sentencing case of Ross Ulbricht was the founder of the most popular darknet market.

OnionScan software was specially designed to discover any type of security danger on Tor hidden services. But unfortunately based on the readings that are found on the Onionscan it is not wrong to say that even the skilled bug hunters fall short for the darknet market.

Sarah Lewis who is a security researcher was the one working behind onionScan. She found catastrophic disaster in most of the Tor hidden service websites.  For all the servers, blog platforms and web software, she suggests for a full refurbishment in order to gain an impenetrable security system.

Behind Hansa being the first major darknet market, there might have been the reason of the recent Alphabay leak where 218,000 private messages went exposed. The matter went more drastic when it was discovered the users had poor opsec due to their revealing of real private and personal information directly in the private messages, encrypted addresses.

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