New Milestone: BTC To Introduce More Cashshuffle Compatible Wallets


A new milestone for the Cashshuffle Compatible Wallets has been announced by the Electron Cash founder Jonald Fyookball on 27th of April 2019 where he let out the release of the Cashshuffle JS library. According to the founder, the software (Cashshuffle Compatible Wallets) is a major step taken towards the Cashshuffle being implemented into other light wallets. Cashshuffle is a Bitcoin Cash shuffling protocol that permits people to mix the BCH transactions with the funds being intact in the wallets. The Bitcoin Cash proponents are still mixing as the community shuffled roughly 2,765 BCH which is equal to $729,960 last week. The average shuffle noted during this period was 2.7 BCH that accounts to $713 according to the statistics of the Cashshuffle. Fyookball has shed light on the fact that the developer dubbed “Always Anon” did most of the Cashshuffle JS library’s heavy lifting as far as the code is concerned and in return the community should thank him. Though the new JS library is based on the original Cashshuffle implementation, but the developers still warn that this particular client is an early alpha release.

It is indeed a great news for the Bitcoin Cash supporters and they are eagerly waiting for the protocol to get implemented into other wallets. There are also plans to write a Go client for the Cashshuffle as stated by Chris Pacia. The application has received immense attention since it is released on Electron Cash. This was followed up with an assessment of the code by Kudelski Security to check if the platform is really that secure. The particular reason that makes people crave for more wallets to integrate Cashshuffle protocol because it possesses the capability to bring the technology to more people which in turn will bolster the liquidity and Bitcoin Cash fungibility.


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