Intercontinental Exchange: New Updates in Crypto Data Feed, BSV & Bitmain


Latest Updates: Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has added new coins to its existing Cryptocurrency data feed and this news was revealed in a media outlet, The Daily. The Daily also revealed that Coincheck has announced that it has planned to sell its BSV holdings and in place reimburse the users with the Japanese fiat currency. Along with these, the mining giant of China, Bitmain has already shut down its office in Norway.

The Intercontinental Exchange Incorporation, the operator of the New York Stock Exchange has updated their Cryptocurrency data feed aiming to cover the dozens of the latest cryptocurrencies. It has been announced earlier this month that the service uses data from hundreds of the sources in the Cryptocurrency space. Initially, when it was launched in the last year, it was already compiling data from approximately 15 exchanges.

Simultaneously, Coincheck (Japanese digital asset exchange) have taken up decisions to sell the BSV holdings that were accumulated due to the hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash Network in November. An important announcement that it made was the fiat currency that would be reimbursed to the holders might be lower than the market price of the coins and that for Yen withdrawals, a fee will be charged.

It was only in the last year that the Chinese Cryptocurrency mining giant, Bitman has opened his branch in Norway and now the branch is closed. The company has terminated all its operations in Norway and has moved its office to Germany. The primary reason for the move could be stated as the revocation of the electricity subsidies required for mining facilities in the country. In November, it was decided by the Norwegian Government that the Cryptocurrency based data centers are bound to pay the full electricity rates and taxes unlike the other traditional data centers.


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