British Dark Web Pedophile Who Had Over Fifteen Thousand Dirty Images Avoid Jail


Steven Maddock, One of the dark web pedophiles who was arrested for using the dark web to download and view indecent images and videos of children, has avoided jail time. The 63-year-old Walsall native had a horde of indecent images, which some of his victims as young as one. The dark web pedophiles between 2016 and 2018, downloaded over 15,500 indecent images of minors from various marketplaces on the dark web on 499 separate occasions.

Out of his vast collection of indecent images, 4,202 were in the most serious category, 3,500 falling into the next serious category, whiles 8,300 were in the third class category. According to the police, Maddock’s victims were between the age of one and 14 and had their indecent images stored in a folder on his computer named ‘music collection.’ The pedophiles were handed a 16-month jail sentence when he appeared at the Wolverhampton Crown Court.

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The sentence was, however, suspended after just two days after the Judge stated that he had changed his mind. Speaking at his earlier sentencing, Judge Challinor noted that over 4,000 of these images were of the most serious type, not only because of the sexual violation of young children but how they were restrained and assaulted in the most dreadful way.

Judge Michael Challinor, ordered that he be brought back to the Wolverhampton Crown Court. Judge Challinor stated that, after reflecting on the matter for some time, he had decided that the dark web pedophiles did not deserve to serve out his sentence in jail based on his previous good character. He also added that he considered the mitigation given to the court on his behalf, and for that, he would give him sufficient credit.

Judge Challinor also highlighted the fact that Maddock is a married man with kids and was willing to work with probation on rehabilitation programs, which seeks to help him turn away from such vile acts and images. He told Maddock that, as dark web pedophiles, he was still mostly in denial. You have a deviant streak in you but hopefully you can be turned away from viewing this disgusting material – he added.

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Maddock’s arrest came back in June last year after someone chanced upon his dark web acts and alerted the police. The dark web pedophiles address was subsequently flagged for scorching the dark web for indecent images and child pornography. His Skip lane house in Walsall was raided by the police on June 30 last year. Police uncovered a personal computer and external hard drive, which, after analysis, revealed the horde of indecent images he got from the dark web.

Reports from the police stated that the dark web pedophiles collection was so vile, it left a female police officer feeling troubled and disturbed, despite having analyzed child pornography for years. The police also uncovered an extreme pornographic image as well as 541 prohibited animated images showing torture, on the external hard drive.

Emma Simpson, the lead detective on the case, expressed her disgust at Maddock’s actions. She stated that the indecent images were some of the worst that have been viewed by their officers, and they are experienced for that matter. She added that the images and videos were very disturbing and upsetting for all the staff who worked on the case.

Detective Constable Simpson also revealed that Maddock denied any knowledge of being one of the dark web pedophiles and refused to take responsibility for his vile actions. He claimed his computer was hacked, but further investigation from the police saw this claim to be total rubbish. It is satisfying to know that another perpetrator, using the online world to obtain such images, has been apprehended, convicted, and sentenced, as Detective Constable Simpson stated.

Maddock’s defence attorney, Ms. Samantha Powis, admitted that her client’s actions were severe, deviant, and offending, and that problem must be addressed. She added stated that the actions of her pedophiles client may be connected to his messy childhood, which allegedly saw his father physically abusing him. Ms. Powis said that her client would engage with an expert in the field of rehabilitation, and his probation is to support him, unlike prison, which wouldn’t have done any good to him.

Maddock received a 16-month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months, coupled with a ten-year sexual harm prevention order. In addition to that, he was ordered to register as a sex offender for ten years.

Source: Birmingham Mail

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