British Man Accused In Darknet Murder For Hire Plot


A British man has been accused by the FBI, for allegedly hiring a hitman on the dark web to kill his ex-girlfriend. 24-year-old Adrian Fry, the accused, according to information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), paid $5,846 to a dark web marketplace which provided hitman services, to have his ex-girlfriend, kidnapped and assassinated. The British man and his ex, Alexis Stern, a 20-year-old American, dated for two years before their break up in 2017.

Reports from the FBI states that officers of the Bureau, found a request place on Camorra Hitmen, a dark web marketplace, by one user under the moniker Mastermind365. The user behind Mastermind365, initially requested Ms. Stern be kidnapped. Mastermind365, changed his request a week later, this time, asking for Ms. Stern to be murdered.

The Mastermind365 account then transferred an amount of £4,500 in bitcoin to the dark web marketplace, Camorra Hitmen, as well as a photo of Ms. Stern. The FBI, however, failed to unmask the identity behind the dark web Mastermind35 account. Further reports state that the FBI, still in a bid to unmask the dark web user who ordered the hit, brought onboard Chris Monteiro, a British IT expert. Mr. Monteiro is widely known as ‘ethical hacker’ or ‘white hat’ and specializes in uncovering and shutting down hitman sites on the dark web.

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The British IT expert allegedly was able to uncover the passwords associated with the Mastermind 365 account and gain access to the orders that had been placed of the dark web hitman marketplace. The evidence gathered was then shown to Ms. Stern by the FBI, which she noted some key details, before asserting that, her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Fry, was the one behind the dark web account.

Ms. Stern according to FBI reports stated that his ex-boyfriend and now accused, wrote ‘thankyou’ as one word without spacing, the dark web user also changed his kidnap order on Camorra Hitmen to murder on the same day she told him she had found a new lover, which was in June 2018. Ms. Stern also added that one of the orders of Mastermind365, was for a gun and he wouldn’t need the dark web if he was the person behind the account was in the United States.

Ms., Stern was first warned by the Minnesota police about the alleged dark web murder for hire plot and asked who she thought wanted to harm her or even kill her. Ms. Stern, a Minnesota native, and the accused British man were involved in a long-distance relationship after being introduced by friends.

The duo talked mainly on the internet and Fry visited her three times in the States during the whole period of dating. Ms. Stern and Fry, allegedly discussed him moving from the UK to Minnesota during one visit. The pair were going to meet the parents of Ms. Stern for the first time in March 2018, after Fry had flown from the UK to visit his girlfriend for only the third time.  After a week of staying at Ms. Stern’s home, she told him that, their relationship is over.

The British man reportedly tried to win her back and made numerous calls to her on Skype within the next few months. Ms. Stern, however, insisted that their relationship was over and she had found someone new. “It became very difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship and things became quite complicated. We spoke about building a life together and how to make things work,” Fry stated.

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Mr. Fry, has, however, denied the accusations leveled against him, and stated that he knows Ms. Stern is understandably worried about someone wanting to kill her and is looking for a scapegoat, which happens to be him. He stated that he was ‘stunned’ that, his ex-girlfriend had named him in reports to the FBI. “I honestly can’t believe what I’m hearing and what she’s accusing me of. I’m traumatized and hurt that she would even think that I can be capable of something like this.” Fry added. I would never think of hurting or killing anyone, I’ve never so much as harmed a fly.

The British man revealed that he first heard about the murder for hire plot after he received a message on twitter. According to him, someone was asking to speak with him about the dark web attempt to murder his ex-girlfriend. The British man brushed it off as he thought it was a silly joke and didn’t even understand what the dark web meant.

Mr. Fry told reporters, that the only training he has received is for accounts systems and that’s why he works as an account clerk. He added that he didn’t have any other IT training and doesn’t know anything about the dark web. Mr. Fry stated that his savings weren’t even up to the £4,500 he is alleged to have paid to the hitman site.

The British man admitted he was heartbroken over the breakup but added that such things are normal when couples break up.  “I loved Alexis and we did not part on good terms because I wanted the relationship to survive. But that doesn’t mean I wanted her killed. It’s absolutely unjust and preposterous to think that.”

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