Darknet Credit Card Fraud Scheme: Bridgeport Woman Prisoned


Latrice Colvin, a 32-year-old woman from Bridgeport, Connecticut has been handed a 30-days prison sentence after pleading guilty to running a dark web credit card fraud. Earlier this year, Colvin, pleaded guilty in a district court in New Haven to one count of mail fraud related to her dark web credit card fraud scheme. The Bridgeport native was also handed a seven months home confinement sentence, coupled with two years of supervised release by Judge Janet Bond Arterton.

Colvin started using the dark web to run her credit card fraud scheme in September 2017, before her arrest in July 2017. During that time, the Bridgeport native, stolen the identities of several victims, as well as their credit card information. According to Colvin, after scorching several dark web marketplaces for the personal information and credit card details, she would then contact the credit card companies and change the mailing address on accounts of her victims to her Bridgeport address, using the info she had obtained.


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Colvin also admitted to applying for and sometimes obtained fraudulent credit cards in the names of her victims. The 33-year-old would then have the credit cards mailed to her Bridgeport home, and afterward, opt to use it to buy expensive and flashy items online or rather use it in person to shop as well as get cash advances at ATMs.

According to reports, the Bridgeport native, from September 2015 and July 2017, defrauded over thirty-seven people, most of whom were identify as elderly. Colvin was also ordered by Judge Arterton to pay an amount of $27,718.35 as restitution to the financial corporations that covered the loss of all her victims. Colvin was released on a $25,000 bond and is scheduled to report to prison on February 11, next year.

Colvin’s sentencing comes just days after a large scale dark web identity theft  and credit card fraud ring was busted by the Oxford police department.  The ring, which operated in Mississippi, used names and credit card numbers they had obtained from the dark web to shop at local stores, over the phone. Oxford police caught up to the credit card ring after multiple victims of the ring, made complaints to the police.


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An investigation was launched afterwards, which led the Oxford police department straight to the identity and credit card fraud ring. Two suspects were arrested and charged, with three still wanted by the police. The Oxford police department, made their first arrest after they had a tip-off by one of the owners of a local store, that one person was coming to pick up some items, which were bought with illegal credit cards. The police subsequently arrested the culprit, 25-year-old Colby Gulledge. He was taken into custody and charged with credit card fraud and a $5,000 cash bond.

Investigators learned during the interrogation of Gulledge that, the credit card gang had four other members and obtained a search warrant for them. Officers of the Oxford police department searched a residence belonging to one of the suspects, Karry Davidson, 39, and uncovered several items connected to the investigation, even though the suspect wasn’t home.

The other suspects named in the credit card fraud ring were Randell Moore, 35, Joseph Moore, 33 and Audrey Souter, 31, who was named after evidence uncovered in a search on Joseph Moore’s home linked her to the crime.

Source: Daily Voice

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