Boris Johnson Pledges to Crackdown On Pedophiles on Dark Web


Boris Administration: Boris Johnson last night pledged an extra £30million to boost the fight against using the internet to abuse and exploit youngsters. In the latest move by the conservative party prime minister to put law and order at the heart of Government policy, the Prime Minister announced has allocated funds to hunt down criminals operating on the dark web. The top minister in Boris Johnson cabinet also has laid down a plan for the right to appeal against the court verdict against the offender or the perpetrator of the crime if the sentence does not justify the magnitude or severity of the crime.

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For this effort to behind the Dark Web mastermind, the Boris administration has promised to recruit 20,000 more law enforcement official. He did acknowledge the power of the internet is revolutionizing the world and bringing people together but also pointed out the dark side as a criminal activity are also thriving on the platform especially on the Dark Web. The Boris administration also putting simultaneous effort on online and offline crime as the administration is hiring on-ground police recruits to keep the city safe and also enrolling cyber experts to nail offenders operating behind a computer screen on the Dark Web.

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The £30million funding boost for fighting online abuse will be used to equip police with pioneering new technology for tracking down perverts using the “dark web”. According to the latest figures from the National Crime Agency (NCA) around 2.8 million online accounts were created on the Dark Web to get hold of and track the criminal ring who target children for a sexual purpose. The NCA launched an investigation recently on a suspected child abuser who was alleged to have involved in child trafficking and traced the suspect to his home in the UK. NCA though caught the suspect and was later sentenced to 22 years in prison by a UK court.

Source: The Express

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