Bolivia to Promote the Use of Digital Signatures to Improve Services


The regulations of the Bolivian disallow the use of criptoactivos, but not the certification in the blockchain. Analysts Bolivian clarifies the difference between an electronic signature and a digital. Digital signatures are a technology-based solution that seeks to provide security and trust to electronic documents, and the community of enthusiastic Bolivian Mind Blockchain (BMB) sees it as the future of digital identity.

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This is why the Bolivians promote with the aim of improving the services of public and private agencies in that country. Gabriela Melendrez Alaro, the founder of the collective BMB, explained to Breaking News that the digital signature can be used to authenticate a user in the Internet systems of many public institutions. By means of this instrument, the documents acquire legal value and character of the evidence, to allow you to create files with more security than a handwritten signature. In the opinion of the founder of BMB, through the use of digital signatures reduces the use and transport of paper, and promotes the quantity and quality of services oriented to customers of the state and private institutions.

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He also explained that the network that is used for the development of this virtual instrument in Bolivia is the platform of Hyperledger Fabric. But, why use a platform blockchain? The founder of BMB argues that it is a distributed system distinguished notably by its ability of consensus among participants. It also points out that its technology of distributed database between computers allows that, once entered in her codes, they remain there forever. Around the security of the data is delivered Erick Poppe Yanez, electronic engineer, academic and specialist in hardware and software, networks and cryptography, a frequent special guest at events of blockchain Lab promoted by BMB.

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