Blockchain Comes to Amazon’s Rescue


Rainforest Foundation a non-profit organization based in the United States operating in South and Central America is an NGO dedicated to the cause of saving the natural beauty our world has been gifted and adorned with. It believes in the philosophy for the ecosystem to thrive and prosper the natural environment has to be preserved and maintained which also includes the trees animal and other elements that make our forest ecosystem. Last month Rainforest Foundation approached crypto and blockchain community for their help and support in the fight against deforestation and forest fires in Amazon which is located in Brazil. The world was in a state of shocks people around the world were glued to their laptops, mobile screens and TV as they saw live footage of the Amazon forest fires. The intensity of the fire was way beyond imagination and the world waited and stood in horror as the fire raged on more than three days. Despite the advancement in technology in terms of fire fighting, there was no such real impact as authorities were unable to control the fire and even the disaster as it was happening real-time was even was visible from outer space. The satellite imagery clearly shows the magnitude of the disaster as it was flashed across newspaper across the world in front pages. Amazon is responsible for producing a quarter of the world’s oxygen.

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Reports suggest that these were the most intense blazes in almost a decade, so intense that the city of São Paulo was plunged into darkness in the middle of the day because of the heavy smoke erupting from the forest, which was burning more than 2,700km (1,700 miles) away. In the wake of such an atrocious calamity, people and organization are calling out to the crypto and blockchain community to do their part in order to help save the Brazilian Amazon, proving that it isn’t just a problem for the people of Brazil, rather for all humanity.

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