Latest Bitcoinpython Node Possesses 100X Faster Speed than Earlier Python Libraries


On 27th of March, this year, a new BCH full node written in the Python programming language were introduced to all the fans of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The project is known as Bitcoinpython which is a modern BCH library, the creator of which claims it to be the fastest available Python implementation with a speed of 100X as compared to its closest competitor. Over the period of last year, there has been a mixture of the alternative BCH complete node clients that are released implementing a variety of different programming languages. On the 27th of March (Wednesday) the software developer of the Bitcoinpython node, Corentin Mercier has announced the launch of the Bitcoinpython on Twitter and stated that it is the fastest and the easiest Python library till date.

Python was created in the year 1991 aiming for a general purpose programming. The documentation of the Bitcoinpython revealed the fact that the earlier Python nodes for BCH were very bleak and had unfriendly APIs lacking a significant amount of testing and specifications. The documentation also explains that there are five benefits to the library that includes a robust API, compliance with all of the BCH improvement protocols, availability of all the major platforms, extensive documentation and the speed which is 100X faster than the closest library.

Mercier revealed that he has forked the Bitcoinpython code from a library that belonged to the programmer Ofek Lev and the developer also used the Bitcash library upgrade of Teran Mc Kinney. Bitcoinpython’s code is an open source code and is made available on a Github repository that describes what all the Python written node supports. The specification explained that the node contains cold storage keys, 25 different fiat currencies, exchange rate API with optional caching, optimal transaction fees, compressed public keys and a lot more.


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