“Bitcoin & Friends” Animated Series: Spicy 1st Episode Gets Aired


A new animated series named Bitcoin and Friends” has been all around the internet and has been talked about the most since its first episode got released under the Uncle Chris Productions. The animated series is a humorous yet raunchy cartoon that bears eight parts in a series aiming to make people laugh during the cold and depressing bear market and also during the crypto saltiness on social media. The whole series is dedicated to the life of a Bitcoin who is lonely and in search of his lost father. The show stars “B”, a Bitcoin who finds himself in a hospital from where he begins his journey to find out who he is and who created him. In the course of his journey, he makes new friends in the first episode itself named “Tears of a Clown”, the storyline of which is based in New Jersey in 2009.

Character “B” who is a protagonist, meets an assortment of the other characters that includes his father Satoshi Nakamoto, Mitalik, Ethereum, Pal Fifty, Itty Bitty and Bankster Henchmen. The first episode of the entire Bitcoin and Friends series has been aired on 29th of March 2019 on YouTube.

A warning has been made as the show is NSFW and can be a bit of risk at times. The rest of the episodes that is the remaining seven episodes are completely crowd funded which means that the fans need to donate funds to the series Bitcoin and Friends through their official website. Also, the person donating funds get a chance to possibly personalize a character in the show which again obviously depends on the amount of funds donated. All the users wanting to donate to the series can do so by donating Cryptocurrencies such as BCH, BTC, LTC, ETH, NEO and 12 other cryptocurrencies.


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