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Bitcoin Baby Fund Outperform Major American Multinational Companies

Bitcoin Baby Fund: Bitcoin has had the best year in the crypto market last year, and it is clearly demonstrated by the prices all along the year. The price of the investment asset have surged to high levels, rivaling the prices  and taking over the price increase, of that of Apple, Tesla, Netflix and even the tech giant Google. The rise in prices in not new and some of the proponents even suggest that the prices will be rise even high when compared to last year. Last year has been a dramatic year for the 1 year old girl named Izabella Bowles, who probably is the richest kid in terms of having more than one bitcoin in her possession. The prized gift was actually given by her father, who started the Bitcoin College Fund at the time she was born in January last year.

The Bitcoin College Fund which Izabella father Peter had started will not sell it to the any investor, no matter how high or the low the price of the asset goes. This type of commitment of not selling the investment regardless of the price movements in the markets is known as the”hodl”. And did the crypto investment did well as it outperformed some of biggest darlings in the stock market like Apple, Amazon, Google and others. Peter is assured that this currency will be the future because it is primarily is not regulated by any government agency and also is decentralized. He believes that the investment he had made into crypto will be a big part of everyday life when his daughter Izabella turns 18 years and will be far more in worth than it is today.

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Peter is the Chief creative Officer at Clarity PR which works in the field of creating disruption by working with organizations and firms who constantly change their business models and also the products and services they offer. He had never imagined that technology will change and change the business landscape to such an extent. He is quite astonished that today, kids reviewing toys on YouTube would earn millions and internet will help lists business so that it gets the exposure in cell phones screens used by most of the people around the world. He also believes that Bitcoin will also have a bright future and he hopes that when his daughter Izabella turns 18 years and goes to college, the college administration might even take Bitcoin as the mode of payment.

After Peter daughter was born in London, he announced her birth in the Times of London newspaper along with the headline Satoshi Nakamoto, made while he launched Bitcoin along with the address. The address has received over 300 donations around the world. When she turned 1 month year, he shared a post in the newspaper, which compared the returns of the digital asset against the blue chip asset of U.K. top companies. The companies he used as benchmark were iPhone maker Apple, electric car maker Tesla. While all the stocks did not perform up to the standards some did. Stocks like Netflix and Google were among the securities that added some value in the year gone by. Many Bitcoin’s proponents and supporters point out the developments such as the Coinbase’s debit card as the evidence of the progress bitcoin and Cryptocurrency has made over recent years.

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This year will bring the crypto asset to the fore front as the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey’s disclosed his plans to develop the Cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin in Africa. There is another such organization that plans to launch a consumer application to help retail consumers transact in Crypto securities.

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