Bitcoin Introduces Bitcoin Cash- A File Storage Concept


Cashweb protocol the new pet project of bitcoin was introduced on Friday. The blockchain file-sharing protocol helps people and customer to upload data, files any document to bitcoin cash chain. There was a positive reaction to the development of the Cashweb protocol and the issues that should data be stored on the bitcoin cash. The cashweb protocol helps users and consumer to tether data to bitcoin cash blockchain permission-less manner. The cashweb website contains all the relevant and correct information. The websites also have the details of the cashweb protocol with examples that explains the idea behind the working of the protocol. Essentially the web page itself and the examples shown are a demo for the Cashweb framework, which “enables public, decentralized, immutable file storage and retrieval—powered by Bitcoin Cash.” Anyone can access the document as long as Bitcoin cash network exists. There are four different types of Cashweb ID’s. They are TXID, Nametag ID, Path ID and Nametag version ID. The entire four ID has its own functions and importance. Nametag ID – any name can be claimed under the Cashweb protocol as Nametag. Nametag Version ID – any versioned Nametag will have numerous revisions stored on the blockchain and a Path ID – the storage/querying of directories to organize file references. Cashweb’s web page discloses that the page is loaded from a directory index referencing all its assets and the Path ID is how an individual can query a specific path of a directory index. All the examples of the above-mentioned protocol are available on the website for other people to understand the concept of how the cashweb protocol works.

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There are two types of code libraries

  1. cashgettools
  2. cashsendtools

The above-given tools help utilize the cashweb protocol. Cashgetools are utilized for getting and cashsendtools for sending.


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