to Experience Privacy – Focussed Bitcoin Cash P2P Exchange

1737 has always been positive with the Bitcoin adoption and this can be reflected through their educational resources, news desks, forums and the other services. The web portal of is all set to introduce a feature called the Local Bitcoin Cash, which is service facilitating the peer-to-peer (P2P) trading of the local currency for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The admins stated that the new service (P2P Exchange) will soon be launching and the users will be able to exchange BCH directly and securely in a private manner.

In due course of the last couple of years, cryptocurrencies have immensely grown and became popular allowing the digital assets to be far more accessible that they were earlier. With the maturity of the industry, the has grown into a web portal based on the Bitcoin theme offering a wide array of services and resources that fuels the Cryptocurrency accessibility. The boasts the launch of the new service Local Bitcoin Cash that will be a great resource for the community and would promote economic freedom to anyone worldwide by introducing them to the great advantages of BCH.

The Local Bitcoin Cash will possess three key ingredients that would surpass most of the P2P exchange. The privacy will be of utmost importance for the Local Bitcoin Cash users. The platform will also provide end-to-end user side encryption (user side encryption refers to the system of communication where only the users will be able to read and decrypt their messages). The Local Bitcoin Cash exchange will be as secure as the service never accesses the users’ funds. The platform will permit the users to look through who is buying and selling so that the offers can be considered. People all over the world can post a bid to buy or sell BCH and all the offers can be filtered out using the payment method.


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