Bitcoin Cash Holds Over $150, RVN and XTZ Explode


In the latest market action, the Bitcoin Core (BTC) has struggled a lot to hold above 44,000 after four green weekly candles, while the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) appears to be combining above $150 after being the best performing of the 10 largest crypto assets by the market cap in the mid of March 2019. In the other news, the ravencoin (RVN) and tezos (XTZ Explode) have been the highest capitalized top gaining markets of the week. BTC at that time was trading for $3975 on Bitstamp and $4040 on Bitfinex specifying a spread of approximately 1.7% between the USD and USDT exchanges.

BCH appears to have established support at $150 after a retracement of 4% over the course of the time. The retracement of BCH has made it to the top gaining of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies by capitalization after posting a weekly profit of 14%. Currently, BCH is trading for approximately $153. Measuring against BTC, BCH is consolidating around 0.038 BTC support after gaining 16% at that time.

XTZ has made its way into the top 20 crypto assets by capitalization (XTZ Explode) that followed a dramatic 70% rally in seven days where tezos has ranked the 18th strongest performing crypto assets of the past week. XTZ at present is the 20th largest Cryptocurrency having a market cap of $525 million and is trading for $0.755. RVN at present is ranked as the 14th top performing market after acquiring profit of 72% over the course of time. The bullish momentum has propelled the RVN back into the top 50 crypto assets by the market cap that gained it the position of 43rd with a capitalization of $143 million. Measuring against BTC, RVN broke into the latest all time highs and trading for 1,118 satoshis soon after gaining approximately 305% in less than four weeks.


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