Over 200 Venezuelan Taxis Discover the Benefits of Bitcoin Cash


A man named Oscar Salas recently spoke about his quest to spread Bitcoin cash BCH adoption on episode 34 of the Bitcoin Cast show. Salas explained in great detail how he is a passionate BCH supporter and the organizer of the Maracaibo city BCH meet up. Following his interview a few days later, Salas and his partners showed the benefits of Bitcoin cash to an audience of over 200 taxi cab drivers that operate in Maracaibo city. Bitcoin Cash Proponent Bolsters Bitcoin Cash Adoption in Maracaibo Venezuela.

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Oscar Salas is all about spreading awareness when it comes to Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin cash is the best choice in his eyes, because of the small network fees associated with making payments. On October 3, Salas appeared on episode 34 of the Bitcoin Cast show where he described how he and his friends have been holding meetups and free talks in order to further Bitcoin cash acceptance. During the first part of the interview, Salas explained how he was an animation and graphic designer by trade and that the majority of the time he’s paid in BCH for services.

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The designer and animator have served a lot of clients and had been closely associated with the Crypto community. He has worked previously for Badger Wallet and the digital currency trading platform Coinex. He said that the payments he received in terms of proceeds are mostly in the form of Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin cash was the main source of payment as the major advantage is the flexibility it offers. He also went on to add that the platform flexibility is the reason he is urging small local business to adopt this form of payment. He described how he was born and raised in Maracaibo and life there was not easy. However, Salas emphasized that Bitcoin cash is making things a lot better for me and others.

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