Bitcoin ATMs: Strong Foothold Gained Owing To Increased Installed Machines


The number of BTC ATM installed worldwide has increased many times over the past of couple of years which is quite a surprise as the technology has been launched. The technology of digital payments which has taken strong grounds has gained popularity among the masses but using Cryptocurrency as the preferred method of payment is still very new and is yet to be taken into consideration among the government and the central banks. This is makes these fast adoption of crypto’s much more attractive and significant. According to the latest figures there has been more than six thousand Bitcoin ATM’s already installed around the world.

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Among the 6,000 Bitcoin machine being installed and mind it are also operating at the same time, 60% of them are operating in the United States of America.  North America tops the list it has more than three quarters of installed BTC ATM machines followed by Europe which has 20% of these machines working than lastly Asia which has a minimal of 2% of these machines. The United States is home to 3.924 ATM’s; Canada is 653, while the following countries in the top four are the United Kingdom and Austria with 272 and 189, respectively.

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This year has seen a rise in no of installed machines rise which goes to conform that the industry is having a significant growth. In mid-October, the first BTC ATM machines were installed in the Miami International Airport. BTM Bitstop was the company responsible for its installation. The co-founder and director of strategy of the company, Doug Carrillo, said that BTC is useful for travelers. More and more people prefer to travel with Bitcoin in place of cash for convenience and security. Miami International Airport is a perfect place for our customers to convert US dollars for Bitcoin and vice versa when traveling within or outside the country. This type of news is considered as a victory for members of the community cryptography.

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