Dark Web Drug Case: Seized BTC Assets On Sale by UK Wilsons Auctions House


It has been decided that the UK’s Wilson Auction House will be selling off 300+ coins that bears relation to a dark web drug case occurred in Belgium. According to the auction house, this is probably the best way to buy the cryptocurrencies while many of the people consider this bidding to be the most thrilling event to watch. The company is one of the best auction companies that host the in-person and the online auctions and they anticipate that most of the people throughout the world will take part in these auctions. It has been decided that 315 coins in the Bitcoin, BTC and Bitcoin gold will be sold that in turn will yield an income of around $ 400,000 or 300,000 pounds.

This is not the first of its kind in UK. There has been evidence of auctioning seized cryptocurrencies. It has also been found out from the source that the same auction house has hosted an auction few days back where Monero coins were sold. In the latest one, the cryptocurrencies will be split into two lots where on a single lot there will be a minimum of 0.5 BTC made available for the buyers to purchase.

As per the Wilson Auction House announcement, they believe that their auction system is far better an alternative to the unregulated crypto exchanges. They also believe that despite a huge number of exchanges that allow users to buy coins, Wilson Auction House is the smarter and the safer choice for the bidders. The most important intention of conducting such as event is to provide pathway to the new investors and the buyers on the market so that each and everyone can deal with the cryptocurrencies. The auction will continue for 24 hours.


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