BitCloak is the latest and modern Bitcoin mixer platform that has been spotted on the darknet and is believed to be offering some of the most amazing and luring features unlike the many other similar pre-existing Bitcoin mixers in the darknet market. One of the most amazing and the primary notable thing that the users would notice about the Bitcoin mixer is that any user or non-user (trying out BitCloak for the very first time) will not be able to enter the BitCloak website until and unless they completely disable JavaScript. This is due to the fact that in this case where the user has not completely disabled the JavaScript, the user will be redirected to an error page. Thus, completely disabling JavaScript is necessary to be able to access the market.

As soon as a request for mixing the Bitcoin is made, the user receives a PGP encrypted message having order details. This step is maintained so that the user does not experience phishing and simultaneously, the website checks if the user and the details provided by him / her are authentic and that the claims are real.

The owner of the darknet market claims that their Bitcoin mixer is better than most of the Bitcoin mixers running parallel like Helix of Payshield. This is due to the fact that BitCloak is much faster than the others as the other Bitcoin mixers usually take around 15 minutes.

One of the other most important features that have created a positive impact on the users is that the BTC mixer is able to receive transactions from various addresses as it supports multi-address transaction receiving. BitCloak will continue to send clean coins to the correct address as specified by the user. Here is the BitCloak URL: http://bitcloak43blmhmn.onion/. The URL for BitCloak Sub Reddit is


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