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BitBazaar is an all new darknet market that has just taken its baby steps in the world of dark web. It has been rightly said that no matter how much FBI and other investigation officials try to eradicate the darknet markets, the more growth and development in these darknet markets would be noticed over time. BitBazaar new dark web market is no different as it aims to provide their loyal users with all sorts of facilities that might just vary a bit with the other live darknet markets in some points or so. In this article, we focus on explaining the striking features of BitBazaar deep web, how to access the dark web market and a lot more. BitBazaar has successfully run a demo period till 18th July 2019 and now they have launched the Stable Version for BitBazaar.

URL: jcjbfbbyqhwmjslo.onion (Active)


But before we proceed any further, we would like to put out a little disclaimer. BitBazaar Link Market Guide is only meant for the non-technical purposes to help the non-technical people who crave for it the most. Therefore, if you belong to that category of people, this guide would be all that you would ever need. All you have to do is follow all the steps mentioned here so that you can access the darknet market without any difficulties while at the same time maintain a solid privacy.

Features of BitBazaar Dark Net Market

  • The vendors are allowed to submit their product for absolutely free.
  • The vendors have to pay a small amount as the order fee. Initially for the base level vendors, that is vendors having level 1, is bound to pay an order fee of 1%. On increased positive score and more sale of the products gaining more customers, the order fee goes down to 0.2% (0.002).
  • The vendors can upgrade to the buyer pro level by just paying an annual subscription of $99. With the upgradation, the vendors will be eligible to have higher priority of accepting orders. Besides, the tickets and as well as their profile will bear a pro badge that will enable them to accept orders instantly without having to wait for too long.
  • The vendors can separate the discount percentage for a single product. For example, against a single product, a vendor can set a value varying in respect to the quantity of the product like 1 gram 10$, 2 gram 15$, 3 gram 17$ so on.
  • The vendors can create discount codes and offer them to the buyers and as well as monitor each and every discount code used against the products.
  • The payment system includes Escrow (base), FE and Half-FE. Considering the half FE, if a buyer receives a product and then tests it and finally release money to the vendor, then the buyer has to release half money in advance followed by the remaining half later.
  • The vendors of the Bitbazaar Links are allowed to display they are on vacation by simply letting them set the vacation button for the time they will remain unavailable. With this feature, the buy icon against each product will be disabled for the provided time.
  • Complete search system is provided on the website from which the users will be able to search their required products based on top vendor, product categories, most sold product, escrow type, origin of the products and orders by.
  • Availability of Auction facility that provides the website the feel of eBay. The bidding will happen in such a way that the highest bid gets acceptance while the amount of the unaccepted bid is returned to the respective bidders.
  • The buyers can purchase product without the need of login in the BitBazaar Darkweb link.
  • BitBazaar also features BitAsk (stack) that has been enabled to ask questions and also give the users score. The BitAsk Section also features to question, top user and top categories.
  • BitBazaar new dark web market also presents BitHow that offers opportunity to share any related knowledge of the darknet market.
  • The support system consists of both email and ticket facilities for the convenience of the users.
  • The news section offers the users with latest news.
  • There is no order fee set for the buyers.
  • All the passwords of the website are encrypted.
  • The users will be able to withdraw their funds anytime with 0% fee (just the blockchain fee).
  • The turnover section of BitBazaar deep web allows the users to see the details to all the transaction of the products sold or bought.
  • The buyers can purchase the featured products that are shown at the top of the market website.
  • Each user is provided with unique address in order to increase their balance.
  • Hot Wallet (users can increase the inside wallet in order to use the funds for fast purchase).
  • BitBazaar Darkweb link supports multi-coin (6 coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bicoincash, and Monero).

How to Access BitBazaar


BitBazaar is a new darknet market unlike any other darknet markets that are available on the dark web. Thus, in order to access BitBazaar one has to use the Tor browser (a browser that enables the access of the dark web links). But before that, make sure you have an active VPN. You can purchase a premium VPN to stay protected in a better way. Always turn on the VPN whenever you are about to access the deep web sites links or .onion links. If you are accessing any Hidden Wiki Links for the very first time, make sure you download the Tor browser from Install the Tor website and launch it. For extra privacy, disconnect all your external devices and close all the running applications not needed to access the hidden wiki sites. You should also tape down the camera of your system with a black tape and switch off the audio mode of your system.

On the address bar type 5opwptnuebf4zcpkyfl5pn7cm3icktl4r5appy4zky4cqmedsyzge4yd.onion

and press enter. You will be directed to the BitBazaar website. You have to enter two consecutive Captchas after which you will be taken to the main page of the website.

Alternative URL to BitBazaar

BitBazaar new dark web market does offer alternative .onion Hidden Links to its website. Find the alternative URL to BitBazaar darknet market in the internet.

Categories of Products Available

Below are the categories of products made available under the BitBazaar website:

  • Cannabis
  • Stimulants
  • Opioids
  • Benzos
  • Dissociatives
  • Psychedelic
  • Prescription
  • Digital
  • Physical  

As you scroll down through the home page, you would be able to locate the categories on your right.

Now you are all set to access the BitBazaar Market. for more details check our listing page.


  1. I am reviewing after using BITBAZAAR market for 2 Weeks. Its secured !
    Bitbazaar Nice market place….
    zer0 vendor fee (Till N/A)
    Best categories of Products
    supports various of crypto
    Awesome Support Team

  2. I rlly liked interface and support, they r new its why Im a bit scare, but Im liking them and using the platform. What’s your feedback? seems they r growing fast, XXXXTentacion and Combi r there, its good

  3. Here just to leave a positive feedback to this market, I was worried about my first dispute and their team calm me down and on the end everything was solve. thank you

  4. I stopped using this market since the DDoS attacks on december but now I received good feedback from them and I back using it, no DDoS now it’s good


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