BitBazaar: The Soar Over Time


Darknet markets are everywhere on the dark web. There has been so many rise and fall of the darknet markets over time due to a multiple reasons such as seizure by the law enforcement, DDoS attacks and scams of varied types. Amongst all of these problems, BitBazaar new dark web market has grown up. Unlike all other dark web markets, it has also stepped in with its baby steps but now has almost grown into a big venture. It has introduced all new features to keep all the users, vendors and buyers grounded to the dark web market.

Keeping everything pretty simple and giving you a flashback of how the market was while stating its growth over time is the primary aim of this article. Initially, BitBazaar deep web was launched as the demo version or the beta version back in July 2019 where the demo of the BitBazaar new dark web market was conducted till 18th of July, 2019. They even offered a demo balance of 50.00 for each coin to test the market. That was incredible though! After the demo period BitBazaar had gone though a terrific positive response that triggered it to launch the stable version soon after.

As the stable version came into being, BitBazaar has experienced a good steep in both the vendor base and the user base. More products have been included which attracted a lot more customers. The best part is that BitBazaar has included products from 10 categories of which the first 7 categories are for the drugs of all kinds. Even they included BitAsk feature where both the vendors and the buyers can place their questions regarding various issues or verify every bit of certain information. As the news goes, they have been attacked by DDoS in around August 2019 and that they fixed it asap and implemented a stronger security to keep their customers/users safe.



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