BitBazaar: Best Dark Web Market Providing Maximum Features


Darknet markets are the most hyped segment of the dark web owing to the fact that these markets open the gate for the vendors and the buyers eager to get their hands on variety of goods and services. Vendors of such darknet marketplaces find in their way to earn few extra bucks. One of the most recent dark web marketplaces is the BitBazaar market. There are a huge number of features that are offered in the BitBazaar marketplace unlike some of the other most prominent dark web marketplaces.

Amongst some of the other features of the BitBazaar marketplace, the most prominent features are rigid security, stealth orders, auctions, wallet-less deposits, payment modes and multiple shipping options. We will be discussion about each one of them in details now.

Rigid Security

The security features that have been implemented in the BitBazaar for both the vendors and the customers are 8 Digit Pin, 2-FA, PGP and Escrow. The 8 Digit Pin is easy to remember than a mixture of alphabets, symbols and numeric. Also there is less chance of getting your account hacked.

The 2-FA or two factor authentication overrules the single factor authentication providing the most secure environment to the users of BitBazaar. It also avoids unnecessary and expensive complexities. It increases the productivity and flexibility, lower security management costs and reduces fraud.

The PGP key allows sending messages with encryption so that no third party gets access to them.  Escrow system brings in the third party involvement while payments and gets rid of payments through wallets.

Stealth Orders

Availability of Stealth Orders in the BitBazaar new dark web marketplace opens new road for the buyers. This is due to the fact that the buyers need no registration in order to place an order or receive the products. It offers the maximum anonymity to the users. All the users possessing sufficient funds are eligible for the process without creating an account or depositing funds. The users are allowed to make the payment within 12 hours of their order placement. The BitBazaar deep web marketplace also offers invoice key and invoice password to keep the transaction details safe.


The Auction feature is the most amazing one in the BitBazaar market link and is exclusive one. This feature allows the vendors to auction their products where the buyers bid on the products and the highest bid wins the bet. Each and every auction has its own mode of payments and shipping policies while the quantity of the products under auction is pre-defined. These products cannot be ordered in batches unlike usually.

Multiple Shipping

BitBazaar is probably one of its kind marketplaces that offer 4 types of shipping for the buyers. The options the buyers can avail are:

  • SuperStealth Europe 0.5gm – 5gm (USD $10.00)
  • SuperStealth Worldwide 0.5gm – 5gm (USD $15.00).
  • SuperStealth Europe (USD $45.00).
  • SuperStealth Worldwide (USD $70.00)

Wrapping up everything, BitBazaar new dark web market is one of its kinds offering the awesome features that have been implemented in order to provide maximum easy and security while dealing with orders and payments on the dark web.

Check the market uptime and reviews here.


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