Bisq: A Bitcoin Cash Fork of Decentralized Exchange Is Coming Soon


Recently, a bounty was offered for someone by the two Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community members on Reddit named ‘u/ftrader’ and ‘u/7e62ce852’ to fork the decentralized trading platform Bisq utilizing the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the native currency. It looks like a programmer has already started the project in a bid to port the Bisq over to BCH with the assistance from the BCH developer Pokkst’s Bitcoincashj implementation. The project is still in the developing stage but the platform works on the Intellij platform and the programmer says that the Bitcoin Cash is very close to getting its own decentralized exchange.

All of these started when a couple of months ago the Bitcoin Cash supporters were dissatisfied following the dropped support for BCH by the Bisq exchange since the November blockchain split. Bisq is a non-custodial and decentralized exchange (DEX) that utilizes a multi-signature escrow system in a bid to execute the settlement without the involvement of a third party. Following both the offers, many of the Bitcoin (BCH) proponents have put up sums of BCH to fund the bounty as well and they are now close to $5,000 in the Bitcoin cash up for the grabs. Soon after, the developer and coder from Mexico named Emilio Gonzalez announced that he has proceeded to fork the Bisq software and has used the Bitcoincash framework which is a Java implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol. The developer has also taken a note that the forked project is currently hosted on the Bisq Github repository and is located at the “cash” branch. Also, the developer of the original Bisq application named Manfred Karrer has asked the programmer who is forking the software to alter or chnge the name so that it would not cause any sort of confusion to the users.


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