Binance-Travelbybit Partnership To Launch Crypto-Backed Travel Reward Card


The Cryptocurrency exchange which is the largest in the world and has recently acquired WazirX has announced a new alliance with Portal booking application named TravelbyBit. The two companies have plans to develop and launch a debit card which will help customers of TravelbyBit to pay for their travel services with Cyptocurrency either with BTC, BUSD, ONT and BNB. The portal offers services where customers can book flights and also it offers suggestions on customer road trips.

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The chief executive officer of Binance Caleb Yeoh is very optimistic about the partnership about the debit card offering which will help customers. He is also very excited about the partnership with Binance. It stands out from the other portals because it allows the customers to make payments using Cryptocurrencies and offer suggestions of places. In addition they will offer a new reward system for travel through the card of Binance and TravebyBit with which customer to make special reservation, pay for services and withdraw fiat currency or paper currency.

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The new reward card system for travel is backed by Cryptocurrency will be available to streamline the payment on the trips, as well as on the websites; not only will serve to pay for lodging and flights. It should be noted that Binance and TravelbyBit are happy to announce the launch of product that will facilitate the payment of services to the individual and customers. According to the heads of the company there are firms and organizations that render these kinds of services but charge unreasonably high cost to avail. It is for this reason that most of the people have up till now adopted Cryptocurrency as the method of payment because of its high rate of transaction, but this will hopefully reverse after the latest offering between Binance and TravelbyBit. The services that the companies are offering is below the market rate when considering the price level of its competitors, it will surely increase the adoption rate among the normal and general masses at large.

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