Bheki Cele: Interpol Must Be Bold In the Fight against Illicit Drugs


The 2nd The Interpol Global Drugs and Illicit Substances Trafficking Conference commenced on Monday, September 17th, at The Westin hotel in Cape Town. The conference had the goal of letting their members understand the recent and upcoming worldwide drug threats, and also create the awareness on the function of cryptocurrencies in drug trafficking as well as the role of the Darknet as a market place for the illicit drugs.

The Conference was a three-day event hosted by The Interpol together with the South African authorities. The conference was under the theme “pushing frontiers for the effective global drug enforcement.”

The conference attracted more than 400 delegates and a lineup of dignitaries who to speak at the event. All the delegates present were from 194  The Interpol membership states including representatives of key regional, law enforcement officials, experts, and international bodies all having a vital role in the battle against illegal drug trafficking. However, the person who opened the conference was BhekiCele the Minister of Police.

Cele made a cautious call on The Interpol saying, “there must be a global collaboration among all The Interpol membership countries.” He said the co-operation among member could aid in the sharing of assets, ideas, and pieces of information that can produce more efficiency in the battle against illicit drugs and substances.

The Interpol must be a leader

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According to the Minister of Police, illicit drugs carry a lot of risk on our societies and the entire world, and it is economically destroying us. It is affecting our youth who have high potential and also stands as a critical factor in violent crimes. Therefore, it is of much significance that this meeting is being held on African grounds which are keys for developing world-standard solutions.

Cele further stated that, though there are many regretful and inappropriate issues such as the recent violence act in South Africa against other African nationals, the issue of illicit drugs and illegal activities must be picked out independently and completely dealt with.  Is a fact that how the drug is easily distributed is very disturbing, but the more troubling thing is the various kind of organized crimes that goes along with drug trafficking and how drug trafficking distorts the security and stability of a nation.

Cele also declared that the method and means criminals organize their crimes are constantly advancing, and it does not matter where it is executed; the criminal always find new ways of making their narcotics go unnoticed. Hence, to strengthen our determination and to join hands in eradicating drug trafficking, we must arrive at ‘new frontiers’.

Moreover, he advised that The Interpol must be a leader the charge in keeping all The Interpol member countries secured from drug trafficking regardless of the circumstance, where it happened and the type of crime committed. The conference ended on Wednesday 19th of September, and overall, outcomes from the event were addressing how to decline the distribution of illicit drugs, make co-operation stronger among national, continental, and global levels, and eradicating drug trafficking crimes.

The Interpol must be a leader

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