Besa Mafia Hitman for Hire & Yura: Moment of Truth


Investigative reporter Peter Van Sant had spent two long years detecting the activities of a hitman-for-hire service website on the dark web that is most famous for its murder for hire services. An individual named “Yura” claims to be operating on the dark web and offering to murder people across the globe for just a few thousand dollars. He had also claimed to be the leader of the international criminal organization named “Besa Mafia”.

Yura had created a video diary that the CBS has come across, where Yura had mentioned:

“A hitman marketplace is like any other auction site. It brings customers and vendors together.”

FBI had first learnt about the criminal organization on the darknet, Besa Mafia and Yura back in 2016. At that time, the FBI was investigating the death of Amy Allwine, a resident of Minnesota.

During the 2016 spring, the investigators had learned that someone under the pseudonym “Dogdaygod” had placed an order for a hit on Amy Allwine via the dark web. The username had paid Besa Mafia an amount of $12,000 for killing Amy and had states that she had ruined his life and business. However, Amy was unable to make out who might want her killed.

In November, her husband Stephen Allwine had shot her dead. When interrogated, he attempted to tell the cops that it was a suicide, but later after an extensive investigation, they had learnt that her husband was the killer.

The cops believe that her husband had been using the username “Dogdaygod” to hire a hitman but got fed up waiting for Yura to kill his wife. So he took the matter in his own hands and shot her dead.

Yura’s List of Targets

CBS and police had further investigated both Besa Mafia and Yura. The cops came to know that a list of names containing 20 Americans was sent to them who were the targets.

One of the 20 names was of a Tennesse-based Sydney Minor aged 22 years who had been involved in an affair with the Brandon States. When Sydney was pregnant, she came to know that Brandon had married another woman. She refused to get an abortion, and that is when Brandon planned to kill her with the help of Yura.

The cops had held Brandon for questioning, and he had subsequently confessed to the planned murder plot.

Image: WVIT

Another case with the Besa Mafia involved Minnesota-based Alexis Stern and her boyfriend Adrian Fry belonging from the English city of Bath. The duo had met online after which they became involved in a relationship. Nevertheless, Alexis had broken off the affair acrimoniously when she had claimed that Adrian had turned controlling.

Alexis was taken aback when she learnt that someone wants to have her killed and that someone with the username “Mastermind365” had paid Yura $5770 in Bitcoin (BTC) to have her killed. Adrian was under suspicion due to the use of British spelling and phrases used by the username.

At the time of writing, no charges had been put against Fry. This is because he had deliberately denied paying to have his girlfriend killed. All the allegations that had been brought against him, he had termed them “preposterous and flimsy nonsense.”

So, What Is The Truth Behind Existence of Besa Mafia & Yura?

It is suspected that both the criminal organization Besa Mafia and Yura is a scam. This is owing to the fact that there is no evidence of such an organization murdering anyone. As a matter of fact, it seems that they may have helped the law enforcement agencies by providing the names of all those who were in danger from the people very close to them. The FBI is continuing to investigate other actions of Yura.

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